❤About me❤

Hello, thank you so much for coming to my blog and being curious enough to read this little section!

I adore various Harajuku street styles, the subdued to the outrageously pastel. A never ending flurry of whimsical styles never ceases to amaze me, and as always I'm eager too see how the styles I love know will evolve over time.

I'm very enthusiastic about fashion and positivity even If I'm not the most positive person myself. I hope for a world where everyone feel as precious and as beautiful as they really are and I hope that we can spread kindness and laughter to all those who are in need of it and deserve it.

I'm not talented, beautiful, or funny.
 But I hope that my blog will aspire and bring joy to at least one person- since to bring a little bit of light into ones persons world is still meaningful.

Do know that I truly care about everyone and that if you need someone to talk to you can message via the link at the bottom of the page and I will contact you.

About the blog

This blog is dedicated to j-fashion, depression, and staying cute in an often gloomy world. A reminder to me and others that even rainy days allow you to have fun and smile!

About the blogger

I'm an 18 year old with anxiety and depression with a passion to spread happiness. I want everyone to feel cute and happy, and to let them know its okay to hurt at times.
I love the colour yellow and the look of eggs, and I'm super happy to be part of the most amazing group Furi❤Furi! 

Everyone there means so much to me and I would be super happy if you checked out our shenanigans over there.

About me

Ophelia Jenkins

20th July

 Otome, Larme-kei, fairy-kei, mori-kei,
and cultparty-kei etc



💕Bobon21, Milklim, Icing sugar, Emily temple cute💕

💕Pastel yellow, baby pink, mint, sky, and lavender💕

Foods:💕Tofu, Pasta, Saien soba, Bread, balsamic vinegar💕

 💕Taro Flavoured bubble tea, Goats milk, Banana Milkshake, smoothies💕

 💕Goats, Cats, Snakes, Elephant seals, Saiga💕

 💕Spring, Autumn, Winter💕

Print themes:
💕Cutlery, Chandeliers, Crowns, Flowers💕

💕Carnations, Lavender, Roses, daisies💕


And just in case anyone is interested in contacting me then please do so via

❤ Thank you so much for reading and have a pastel filled day! 

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