Monday, 8 February 2016

~Purikura: Cute photo stickers~

Who doesn't enjoy making everything cute!? Unbearable amounts of glitter, hearts scattered around, and pastel colours a plenty. Purikura has captured the hearts of many.

From the booths to the phone applications, people enjoy the ability to customize their images in cute decor and add a new level of sweetness to their photographs.

China town had a few 'booths' many which were simple fun sticker booths, but the Photo sticker club in London actually had one old but official Japanese booth. It was super fun inside and its really cute! I'm awful with technology and Japanese though so I usually leave the decorating and usage of the machine to others~

Sadly in the autumn of 2015 PhotoSticker closed down, but I've still had so many wonderful times there!

I love to collect cute bits and bobs and collage,well about everything! I love to fill things to the brim with cuteness. Over the years my walls have been heavily collage filled, with every bit and bob I've found cute and could get my hands on. But despite this my purikura remained un-touched. That was till recently I redid my room and found a cute way to display my purikura's.

Even though London no longer has their booth I secretly hope Purikura will have a shining come back in the UK.

In the mean time, access to purikura styled phone applications have slowly become popular over the last few years with the rise of smart phones. Anyone from all over the world can experience purikura with these apps.

My top 'Purikura' Phone apps!

Now I love talking a cute picture every know and then, actually within the last year of actually getting phones that worked and allowed me to get apps I've been non stop snapping!

Over this time I've found what apps work best and which ones I stick with! I'll explain about the apps I love and how to get the best out of them!~


DecoPic is distinctively the cutest of my selections today, it just screams pastel cuteness. If you log in daily you get 100 candy and every now and then they'll update with some new cute stickers which you can buy with the candy you stack up!


This app has the most professional vibe. It has really realistic add ons and has an over all cool vibe too it opposed to the overly cute Deco pic! If you want to edit your images with quality and a slight grown up vibe then this is the app too use!


Snapee has a similar vibe to DecoP
ic but is a bit weirder to use. Although it isn't just an editing app but a photo posting site very similar to Instagram. You can also get stickers designed by japanese designers and over all their stickers are more unique but sometimes its hard to find uses for them. Like DecoPic you sign in daily for points to buy stickers and can gain points also by uploading images as well as liking others.

(Also it seems as though the android version has a different logo)


Aillis is both the best and worst for me. Its so versatile and can be used in so many different ways. With transparent images from the web you can collage your images with anything you'd like. Where as this feature is amazing and one of the reasons I stick with Aillis as my main photo editor, it also has a lack of decent stickers available without purchase. Despite that though it offers the best range in filters too which is super handy for beginning to edit and photo and to finish it off with some small details.

I will usually switch between two apps per photo- usually DecoPic and Aillis due to their amazing wide range of mediums to use.

I hope this post was informative and fun even if it was a bit wordy. I'm going to be trying super hard to post once every month now as a minimum for both my blog and channel.

Thanks for reading, 

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  1. Nice!!!!! I was wondering how You added even more cuteness to Your pics *S* :) :) <3 And this is way cool *S*

  2. Nice Photos and I love your blog layout ^^
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  3. high five for snapee! im also a loyal user for about 3 years yet still lovin it so much♥


  4. Snapee is my favourite app for cute stickers! It's so cute and amazing~ I always decorate my instagram pics with it :3