Sunday, 31 January 2016

~Hello 2016 and all the comes with you~

Hey there cuties, I cant believe how long its been!
hopefully I'll be more diligent in 2016- despite having a bad start and feeling low I'm quite optimistic about 2016!

I cant even believe how close I am to being able to constantly create content all the time to a quality I'm satisfied with- right now its just fitting in the time to do them but over all I'm so stoked.

I love my blog- not because its amazing, but because I feel like I can connect and share what I love with like minded people!

I've been very fortunate in life despite having a lot of negative things happening lately- I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to perform- something I never thought could happen. The opportunity to have the freedom within my country and my family situation to dress how I want, to express myself even with limits on spending. And just the chance to have a blog.

I never grew up with internet so the whole thing is quite a recent thing in my life- the internet showed me so many things, fashions and artists I wouldn't have dreamed of discovering. A chance to connect with other who share passions. And It broadened my world in terms of ethics and politics etc.

What I'm attempting to get across is that even though things are bad right now for myself, and maybe for you too. There are still so many wonderful things I'm grateful for- and you're one of those wonderful aspects.

Thank you for reading my irrelevant post, I hope that this year you're able to experience the happiness you deserve.

Lets keep our chins up~

Btw I've just updated my YouTube- Strange I know, But I'd be so stoked if you checked it out, and told me what type of videos you'd like to be seeing from me, and hopefully we can together create content which we love~

Thanks for reading, 
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  1. (I was wondering when you'll be back blogging ;D)

    You are so true; life is a rollercoaster, so it's good to focus on the positives instead of wallowing in the negatives! :D

  2. We are all the better because you are in our lives as well and this year has to be better than the last. And the years after as well..

    Again from Rae, Marty and I.....and others...we are happy we do have each other Ophelia.....and look forward to the times ahead *S* <3

    PS: Love the new video too!!!!!!!! *S*