Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Kawaii Poverty tips: Printable figurines

You may be thinking- What? Kawaii Poverty? But rest assured I'm not barmy.

Being poor and growing up in poverty really makes you aware of what its like to not have things, now that I am older and we have more resources available to more people I thought I'd give some tips to kawaiify or anime-fy your room.

I'll be doing a short series of tips and tricks to help you out whether you're struggling financially or not- these tips and tricks will still work wonders

Printable Figurines:

Paper craft anime figures have really hit it all over the net- with some being so intricate that they appear like your usual figurine, to the more cute box shaped ones. Figurines are expensive but can really brighten up a room. 

I wish I had found out about these when I were younger!
If you have an issue with printing e.g. no printer you can use school printers- they usually let you print for free or pay a small fee, or library printers which you use a small fee.

A couple of pennies for a fun DIY Figurine, much cheaper than the alternative

Below I will link two cute figurines to start you on your journey- please check out these amazing artists, and if you create any of these let me know!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Menhera style- What is it?

Menhera is a Japanese street style about reclamation of the negative connotations that come with being mentally ill. Mental illness' in japan hold a very heavy stigma, Arguably more so than the west. Where in the west it seems to have built a culture of being viewed as 'cool' for having certain illness' due to the media's representation in japan its not seen as cool at all to state your mental illness. Menhera (メンヘラ) is a Japanese slang term referring to mental unstable people. 

In a society where you must refrain talking about your mental health artists and designers have created pieces depicting mental trauma, medication, and sad gore to depict the daily struggle and stigma people face. Though many mentally ill people don't like the movement in the way that it can be mistaken for glamorising illness' many do find it a comfort.

Menhera is a style I love a lot as a mentally ill person I feel connected and able to express every side of me with this reclamation movement.  But its still very controversial and hardly spoken about, With stigma and misunderstanding from those who don't understand the movement. But to depict my love of kawaii Street styles whilst also being able to express aspects of my daily struggle gives me comfort. As if I'm not hiding behind a cute mask to feel better. 

I see it as a way of accepting who I am, Yes I like cute styles but I'm still fighting a mental war and I have scars. I think if a movement can empower those who are being silence- especially in japans culture of silencing mental illness' its great that the people are taking the power in their hands and making the topics more open for everyone.

What are your thoughts on this controversial topic, its a difficult place to find a balance with so I'd love to see your input on the matter.

(I do not have a link to the artist or the model so please if you find links link me or if they are your's and you wish me to take them down then message me so I can do so)

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

~Cute DS games~

I feel That video games can really help you feel cute- or is that just me?

Hey there- I'm sick like usual but I'm really trying to kick back into things, so I'm just going to hop in. I'm going to recommend a few of my favourite DS and 3DS games to help yo
u feel cute.

If you guys like this post at all I might make a top 10 DS-3DS game list because there are quite a few that I like that don't fit this cute category.

Kira Kira Pop Princess (DS)

You get a mix of idols, fashion combined in this cute handheld rhythm game. Its been made for young audience but I only got into it a few years ago. Its so vibrant and cute and I'm so glad I stumbled across this gem in a charity shop. I've seen it for £3 on ebay so if you find it I couldn't recommend enough to buy this game.

Animal crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

The DS Prequel Wild world was my first animal crossing game and cultivated my love for the series but I'll suggest new leaf over all because of the new fun things you can do, the new characters ,and the ability to customise your town. I've found such beautiful towns online and its such an inspirational fun game that lets you take a step into this calm little animal town life.

Animal crossing: Happy home designer (3DS)

Another animal crossing game but I'm adding this because of its difference to the other games. In happy home designer you design homes for people and you can design interiors for schools, hospitals etc. If you loves the creative design aspect from new leaf you'll have so much fun with this game.

Harvest moon DS (DS)

Harvest moon is one of my favourite franchises but I must confess I'm only a fan of their pixel games which is sadly too few for me. I endlessly play Harvest Moon DS (Yes thats its name) and its female counter part Harvest Moon Cute which was an american and Japanese release. The came is so whimsical and makes me feel truly at ease and at home. you can also connect the game with the prequel GBA game to unlock more stories- As well as the prequel game Friends of mineral town and more friends of mineral town being super fun.

Hatsune Miku and future stars: Project mirai (3DS)
I downloaded the demo- excited to see a European release of a cute vocaloid rhythm game and was not disappointed. I was happy to see Senbonzakura as a song in the game. My sister got the game for Christmas and its so so so much fun- the fact you can keep a cute little vocaloid game with you and play on your DS makes me so happy- any vocaloid fan will love this.

New style boutique 2 (3DS)

I was very taken a back when I got this game, I never expected to love it this much. its actually so much fun and theres always something to do and I've played it non stop for almost 3 months now. you can design your own clothes (no surprise that my clothes logo is an egg), cute and design hair, create your own make up and become a make up designer, a run way model, a photo shoot model, and obviously a boutique owner.

This game is so jam pack- the side characters all have their own likes and personality, and its such a wonderful game, I couldn't recommend anything more than this game. It truly brightened and made me happy when I was away from home and without a laptop. It brought this bright and fun reality to me again especially when I was far from my vibrant wardrobe.

New style boutique is oddly enough my favourite 3DS game right now, and honestly just talking about it now means I will shortly be playing it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, Honestly these games always brighten up my day and make me feel so cute. I hope you can sit down and play any of these on a rough day. and if you
have your own cute 3DS or phone game recommendations then let me know so I can check them out and find some real gems.

Thanks for reading, 
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Monday, 8 February 2016

~Purikura: Cute photo stickers~

Who doesn't enjoy making everything cute!? Unbearable amounts of glitter, hearts scattered around, and pastel colours a plenty. Purikura has captured the hearts of many.

From the booths to the phone applications, people enjoy the ability to customize their images in cute decor and add a new level of sweetness to their photographs.

China town had a few 'booths' many which were simple fun sticker booths, but the Photo sticker club in London actually had one old but official Japanese booth. It was super fun inside and its really cute! I'm awful with technology and Japanese though so I usually leave the decorating and usage of the machine to others~

Sadly in the autumn of 2015 PhotoSticker closed down, but I've still had so many wonderful times there!

I love to collect cute bits and bobs and collage,well about everything! I love to fill things to the brim with cuteness. Over the years my walls have been heavily collage filled, with every bit and bob I've found cute and could get my hands on. But despite this my purikura remained un-touched. That was till recently I redid my room and found a cute way to display my purikura's.

Even though London no longer has their booth I secretly hope Purikura will have a shining come back in the UK.

In the mean time, access to purikura styled phone applications have slowly become popular over the last few years with the rise of smart phones. Anyone from all over the world can experience purikura with these apps.

My top 'Purikura' Phone apps!

Now I love talking a cute picture every know and then, actually within the last year of actually getting phones that worked and allowed me to get apps I've been non stop snapping!

Over this time I've found what apps work best and which ones I stick with! I'll explain about the apps I love and how to get the best out of them!~


DecoPic is distinctively the cutest of my selections today, it just screams pastel cuteness. If you log in daily you get 100 candy and every now and then they'll update with some new cute stickers which you can buy with the candy you stack up!


This app has the most professional vibe. It has really realistic add ons and has an over all cool vibe too it opposed to the overly cute Deco pic! If you want to edit your images with quality and a slight grown up vibe then this is the app too use!


Snapee has a similar vibe to DecoP
ic but is a bit weirder to use. Although it isn't just an editing app but a photo posting site very similar to Instagram. You can also get stickers designed by japanese designers and over all their stickers are more unique but sometimes its hard to find uses for them. Like DecoPic you sign in daily for points to buy stickers and can gain points also by uploading images as well as liking others.

(Also it seems as though the android version has a different logo)


Aillis is both the best and worst for me. Its so versatile and can be used in so many different ways. With transparent images from the web you can collage your images with anything you'd like. Where as this feature is amazing and one of the reasons I stick with Aillis as my main photo editor, it also has a lack of decent stickers available without purchase. Despite that though it offers the best range in filters too which is super handy for beginning to edit and photo and to finish it off with some small details.

I will usually switch between two apps per photo- usually DecoPic and Aillis due to their amazing wide range of mediums to use.

I hope this post was informative and fun even if it was a bit wordy. I'm going to be trying super hard to post once every month now as a minimum for both my blog and channel.

Thanks for reading, 

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

~Hello 2016 and all the comes with you~

Hey there cuties, I cant believe how long its been!
hopefully I'll be more diligent in 2016- despite having a bad start and feeling low I'm quite optimistic about 2016!

I cant even believe how close I am to being able to constantly create content all the time to a quality I'm satisfied with- right now its just fitting in the time to do them but over all I'm so stoked.

I love my blog- not because its amazing, but because I feel like I can connect and share what I love with like minded people!

I've been very fortunate in life despite having a lot of negative things happening lately- I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to perform- something I never thought could happen. The opportunity to have the freedom within my country and my family situation to dress how I want, to express myself even with limits on spending. And just the chance to have a blog.

I never grew up with internet so the whole thing is quite a recent thing in my life- the internet showed me so many things, fashions and artists I wouldn't have dreamed of discovering. A chance to connect with other who share passions. And It broadened my world in terms of ethics and politics etc.

What I'm attempting to get across is that even though things are bad right now for myself, and maybe for you too. There are still so many wonderful things I'm grateful for- and you're one of those wonderful aspects.

Thank you for reading my irrelevant post, I hope that this year you're able to experience the happiness you deserve.

Lets keep our chins up~

Btw I've just updated my YouTube- Strange I know, But I'd be so stoked if you checked it out, and told me what type of videos you'd like to be seeing from me, and hopefully we can together create content which we love~

Thanks for reading, 
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