Saturday, 1 August 2015

~Peppermint Puff: Review~

This is long overdue, I remember buying this a few days before expo thinking "I should probably save for expo but its so cute!"

Now look where we are, around 3 months late, I'm not the speediest of people opps...

Anyway, this is my Peppermint puff review!

Pink shiny packaging, cute tape, and a cute little sticker. Yes please!
The parcel arrived so quickly I initially told my mother when she said a parcel had arrived for me that she must be mistaken. That nothing I've ordered would arrive for another week- I was so chuffed!

(I love detail to decorating!)

This was the entire contents of the parcel. A box (containing the bag charm and a free gift), a leaflet, and two pieces of paper

I was super impressed with the little section to tear off and keep to tell you how to care for your handmade jewelry

Also the cute personalized bits on the notes just made my heart melt 
(especially at that ❤phelia)

Now to actually look at the products!
Here is the contents of the box! How professional looking~

Like I've previously mentioned, I love it when stores spend a good amount of time around packaging and the overall look of the entire order! Peppermint puff has been one of the best (If not the best) packaging I've ever received from a store!

A unique box to keep your items safe in when not in use which you can use time and time again, especially when its so cute and decorated with deco tape, stickers. It includes padding and plastic wrapping in order to insure it arrives safely, and it looks extremely professional.

Now I need to talk about how friggin amazing this free gift is! As many of you will know my current love and fascination is larme kei. I adore pastel yet ethereal things, and with a fashion which feels like a combination of fairy kei, cult party kei, and otome you can see why I love it so dearly.

Bearing this in mind can you work out why I adore this ring so much. Its a cherub but its a light purple translucent  glittery cherub. It screams larme-kei and I'm totally in love with it!

I never expected to receive a little bonus with my package but The whole parcel feels like a bonus! I'm so impressed. The ring is super sturdy and the resin is really strong and not slightly bendy which a few of my other resin pieces are.

Now on to the actual bag charm. I'm in love with it, Like I said before I love larme kei. Chiffon, glitter and excessive amounts of whites with pastels. The charm is made up of white, pink and transparent's. Pretty much what most of my outfits are made up of.

The charm embodies everything I love (that's why I brought it duh) And the quality its quite unbelievable. Its also connected by not only one of those clasp like swivel clips, (which I really like) but it also comes with a little dust plug for your devices! With that you can make it a little charm for your phone or 3ds etc. 

(And one of the things that upsets me with modern mobiles is the lack of being able to add cute phone charms)

~Review summary~



This has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I can't think of a single complaint. Zilch. 

The service was amazing, the product was amazing, the shipping was amazing, and the quality was amazing. I'm really happy I went through with buying the bag charm at a time when I should have been saving for the mcm the next weekend. I'll be buying from them again soon!

I brought the charm whilst there was a discount code on so I got even more for money! you should follow their social media in order to get updates and discount codes.


Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon so don't miss out!

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