Wednesday, 5 August 2015

~Lindalicious Review~

I was really lucky to be approached by my friend linda recently. As some of you may know she runs a cute store inspired by 'kawaii' culture. Since I've reviewed her store before and knew she could trust me on this matter she asked me to review some of her items. Of course I jumped at the task since Lindalicious is one of my go to stores for buying affordable yet cute pieces of jewelry.

Now as someone who doesn't have a lot of money, to find a store which not only sells adorable products at cheap prices on top of always giving out discount codes and extremely reasonable shipping fees, its no wonder why I'm a big fan of her products.

I've brought from lindalicious around 2 or 3 times I believe and every parcel has been filled with love, freebies on top of what I've brought, and detail to personalisation on the packaging.

I'm really happy to give you guys this review, and I hope you'll be inspired to check out her store. For items starting from around 6p (yeah six pennies!) its a no brainer to check them out!

She currently has a discount code for 10% off her store right now

(use 'lindaliciousjewelry' for 10% off everything)

~Review summary~

Price:      ♥+

Overall:      ♥+

Like I always say, I adore bargains. 
Lindalicious Is filled to the brim with good deals and adorable products. The quality isn't five star but Its still very nice and its still extremely sturdy and just as beautiful!

You can find her social media and store below!


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  1. Please do post more *S* Cannot wait to see the new content, be it here of with Furi Furi *S* Plus thanks for posting about Linda's shop.....saw some things I have an interest in and may surprise a couple friends with down the road *S* :) :) <3

  2. Hello your blog posting is really cute^^I like your posting
    I followed your instagram account(*´▽`*)