Saturday, 25 July 2015

~Everything's peachy! Just try your best!~

Life gets hectic even as someone like myself who does very little with her time.

And when gets hectic for people like me I find it hard to do anything at all under the pressure, I guess I'm too laid back to deal with life's hustle and bustle. But now that I'm in my own space with my laptop and with the support of others I feel able to ramble away.

I've so much to do in such a little space of time. I've a few reviews, some otds, D,I,Ys etc to post on my blogger and some video reviews and HyperJapan vlogs and hauls etc!

I also need to be up to date with my practicing for FuriFuri! I also still want to have time to post for Kawaii-B, and I personally haven't made a plan for everything yet. And as someone who heavily relies on plans to get things done I'm a little dumbfounded.

Nevertheless, I shall try my best, and in the end that's all anyone can do in those situations of stress. I may not post as often as I'd like but I post as often as I can in said circumstances.

Always try your best! You'll still be proud if you complete a small thing, and it was still something that people will appreciate.

❤Also Look at this amazing birthday picture Rina made me! I'm the rarest pepe!❤


I was able to go to Lagc a few weekends ago to perform with FuriFuri, and even though we were using Lagc to practice performing on stage I still felt really bad for messing up. I'm not someone of a performing past, nor do my joints move properly enough to keep up with everyone else. But I need to remember that it was my first time on stage like that and I cant be too disheartened. Your first post is never your best, your first step isn't that steady.  All I can do is learn from what happened, and hopefully next time we can all do a rehearsal leveled performance instead of a 'first performance' level performance! We can only get better as the more me learn! 
We all tried our best and our best is good enough. the same as your best is always good enough!

(I was dressed as hanayo koizumi at Lagc!)

Also it was my birthday, I'm now officially more wrinkly than before! I got a cute cake and got a delish meal at Nandos. I find that Nando's has such an amazing vegetarian menu so I've pretty much lived there all year.

As well as that I've also been able to take some appetite suppressing tablets and I truly feel a lot better. 
Anyone who's ever used Mirtazapine before will know that one of the unavoidable side effects to it is this never ending hunger. And for months now I've slowly out grown my own clothes due to this never ending feeling. 

Now being larger inst a bad thing at all, my issue is the fact that my beautiful clothes are my life, and my passion. Yet suddenly I could no longer wear the things I'd saved up for over the years, I could no longer wear what makes me happy. and no matter how much intense exercise I did I couldn't lose the weight. Also I'm a vegetarian who hates sweet or fat filled food. I've always preferred peppers to chocolate or fries so my diet itself wasn't an issue, there was no end to the growth and there was nothing i could do to stop it.

If I was someone with quite a lot of money I could just buy new clothes, but like I said it had taken me years to build a cute new wardrobe that I loved. And despite the tablets leveling my mood I was constantly down due to the fact nothing I brought I could wear and even if i brought new clothes I'd out grow them too.

I recently saved up and made a RoxieSweetheart purchase (which I will review soon) to buy cute pastel clothes which could fit me and despite having that most days I'd have to wear the same black dresses with tights.

(I love Roxiesweetheart's wide ranges in clothes sizes!)

Even though I've only been on the tablets for around a day the emptiness inside my stomach has almost all gone. It feels so weird to have for so long always felt hungry to finally not have that anymore.


Like I said being larger isn't un-cute! and being larger isn't an issue, its just that what I loved in life was cute clothing, my cute clothing and its so nice too know that I can wear it again soon with my appetite suppressed.

I want everyone to know that they are perfect the way they are and like I said earlier, always just try your best!❤
A ramble filled talk from Ophelia!

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