Saturday, 6 June 2015

Cheerful cute things to do! feat. International lolita day

Today is International lolita day!

What a nightmare! You hear sirens and people screaming, lolitas are tearing wigs off of one another and biting of waist ties and wrist cuffs everywhere they go. The general public are in a frenzy over the attack of the frilly beasts!

Okay but seriously today is a day where worldwide, people will be donning their petticoats for the purpose of celebration for the bi annual event that helps spread love for lolita fashion.
Lolita fashion is such a wonderful style, I love lolita, and although I prefer wearing otome and casual lolita more on the otome side I still adore this frill-tastic fashion.

So where ever you are, whether you're a fully fledged lolita or a frilly admirer make sure you feel as cute as you look!
I'm going to have some little cute tips for non lolita wearers feel as cute as their frilly friends! Though this post is mainly for people who feel down and just want a few inspirations on simple things to make them feel cute and happy.

When you're depressed or just down in the dumps in general its hard to feel cute let alone get out of bed, these are small little things you can do to feel more like a lolita when you either don't have the energy or you're just starting out and don't yet have the wardrobe of your dreams.


Now every lolita was once someone browsing through pictures of lolita's in their gorgeous dresses, whether it was via magazine or the internet we were all once foolish admirers with no idea how to feel or look as cute as the people we admired in those frilly dresses.

Now that I've been in the style for a few years I know how to make myself feel cute and frilly without the whole shibam! And although depression can be a butt and make it hard for you too go all out and be cute these little things are manageable and will still leave you feeling like the royalty you are.

Keep hanging in there okay, things will get better!

Thigh high socks! 

Any cute sockies or tights will do, but thigh highs just scream that nostalgic love for them when we first started the style! your legs are cute so dress them up!

(left: Kawaiigoods Right: Bodyline)

Paint your nails friggin adorable!

Pastel colours your thing? Or a classy gothic look? Paint them nails! Seriously nails are such a simple thing that impacts an outfit. If you have cute nails you'll feel 10x as cute. Even add little stickers if you like, never enough stickers.
I never paint my own nails but lately I've really been inspired to do some cute design like the example below

Lolita-esque clothing!

Okay now this is vague as hell but what I mean by this is just wear something cute. Say if you like sweeter styles then wear a cute pastel top with some pumpkin shorts or a skater skirt, or if you like gothic styles a white shirt with a beautiful gothic skirt and mary janes? what ever you have and what ever you can do! Make yourself look as cute and you feel.
I just choose to show a picture on me wearing a cute flowy dress with some cute strapped heels- the outfit just reminded me of a uk highstreet lolita-esque outfit you could wear.

Browse through some cute blogs 'n vlogs

Mwaahahahaa, you're already looking through the cutest blog of all time you lucky loser!
(Well no but lets remain enthusiastic)
Seriously nothing gets me more pumped than browsing through cute blogs and vlogs, once you start on one it leads to watching/reading about 20 and feeling like the cutest mofo on this planet!

And remember- when you feel as cute as you really are then you're the cutest loser on this planet

(one of my favorite vloggers- though not j-fashion related it missremiashten, shes full of such creativity and positivety! )

'Lolita' music!

I love listening to lolita parody songs on YouTube. When I first started out trying Japanese street fashions those songs were my go to, they pumped me up and motivated me to work hard and save up for the fashions I loved.
Listening to classical music is also very lolita-esque and makes me full very frilly!

Have a cute bath!

seriously, bathing in swirling pastel colours with glitter can make even the darkest times feel a little bit brighter! I love using bubble bars, and bath bombs and bubble bar stuff to have a bubbly- pastel bath time!
I would super recommend twilight from lush- its pastel pink, and blue and glittery and goes purple when it melts together! <3


Okay having a cute snuggle with my plushies always make me feel a billion times cuter, and feeling cuter always make me happier and more confident in wearing cuter styles! enjoy yourself eating some tasty cute sweets whilst surrounding yourself in teddies- its cheesy I know but seriously it feels great (no shame bro)

Decorate candy (and other food)!

Okay I've never tried this before but oh my gosh do I feel so much cuter after looking at pictures of pocky sticks with icing and sprinkles on top, or on chocolate bars with strawberries, whipped cream and sugar stars on? does that not just melt your heart into little candy pieces? I'm not much of a sweet toothed person my self so a cute savory way to make savory food cuter is to put little flower shaped carrot pieces into it! -Got some pasta that looks dull? Have it with little carrot flowers, want to make a shepherds pie? Carrot flowers bro!

Any meal just make it slightly cuter- here is a little omelette I made!

Draw some cute pictures!

Okay now my suggestions sound really childish but seriously, drawing cute things will make you feel cuter, you could even draw your favorite prints and such- lolita art is always so beautiful and full of details which makes it fun to draw!

I just drew my favorite character of all time but anything you draw will be cute and great.

Update your instagram/twitter etc with cute pictures!

social media like Instagram and twitter can be your happy positive space that keeps you veering onto your goals, if you take a few cute pictures of whats lurking around your room and post it online you might feel a lot cuter- not to mention all the cute ways you can edit said photo's with sparkles and hearts etc!

So there were a few of my silly suggestions to keep happy and cute! I hope you all have a wonderful day whether you're a lolita or not. Remember to keep yourself happy and healthy.

I'll see you all soon egg buds!

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  1. And Yes, You look Lovely Too!!!!!!:)

    1. not at all~ thank you though~ <3

    2. <3 Anytime....and was being honest..Many of us have to work at it, you do it naturally and get better each day :)

    3. Just as a little surprise...a little something will be in the emails later, showing how Your look and the beauty in same has inspired things here. Others have as well, Yours just put things in a great and wonderful light *S*

  2. I didn't do anything for ILD, I was meant to make cute food but I didn't have the cookie cutter I needed ;_;
    Doing your nails is a great idea, I have an acrylic set that I haven't used in ages. Nice post!

    { }

    1. Tbh I didn't really either except make this post but it was still fun to see everyone else dressed up and having fun! <3

      and I know that feel, oh well you'll make something/wear something cute next time I'm sure! ;7;

      and ohhh, I'd love too see some of your nail creations once you do anymore

  3. This is such a lovely post! I've never really been into Lolita, but I love just doing cute stuff in general~

    1. Thank you! ;7; <3

      I used to be really into it but I prefer otome these days and more subtle atheral styles- though larme kei has my heart atm <3