Wednesday, 27 May 2015

~My super cute trip to reading~

Reading (pronounced like Red-ding) is home to many cute and wonderful things. Reading is a nearby town to where I live and is often the place of my local lolita communities meet ups.

Reading has many fun and interesting things to do, Here is is a quick plan of what I usually do when I go to reading:

1. Go to the Small museum!
 Its filled with interesting artefacts and galleries. I love to check up on their latest exhibits.

2. Get some bubble tea!
Reading has many different places to get bubble tea. From a little bubble tea stall in the shopping centre, a Taiwanese restaurant and from a little fish and chips shop called Mr. Chips (Which has such yummy bubble tea!)

3. Go to the Shops!
They have a lot of charity shops in the main centre of reading, so \you can find lots of cute little trinkets and outfits. Also they have the usual high street shops too {Including a Disney store!❤}

4. Go to the restaurants!
We have loads of restaurants where I live but its always nice to go to a restaurant when travelling to another town!
We don't have a patisserie Valerie where I live so I like to get some cute cakes and macaroons when I'm there!

5. Walk/Cycle near the river and to the surrounding country side!
If you love to walk or cycle in the countryside like me and you want a change of scenery going to another town and working your way to the surrounding countryside there will always spice things up a bit.
We don't have any big rivers or watery areas where I live so its lovely to visit a place where you can wander by the waters edge.

The other day I found the pictures I initially intended for this post and even though the items may not be in the shops any more I thought you'd all enjoy all the cute find I found last spring!

Spring time is wonderful for finding cute pastel things since pastels always come back into style in the spring time (though to me pastels are always in style!)
always take time to look around shops each time of year, springtime you'll find sweet pastels- perfect for fairy kei, in summer you'll find florals and lace, wonderful for roma gyrau, and the autumn has a large array of natural flowing garments suitable for natural kei!

Pictures start!



~Beauty products~


~Kitchen tools~

And finally some cute scenery pics!

I hope you enjoyed this brief post, its been awhile since I've been to reading so I'm looking forward to my next visit!

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  1. All the cute *0* Also Primark ftw ;D

    1. I know right! Primark is heaven for cute things! <3

  2. Those lush bunnines look edible! I had something this shape at minamoto kitchoan in London ^_^
    And getting bubble tea everywhere you go is always a great idea! I am so lucky to have one near my house now *_*

    { }

  3. Oh my gosh I'm loving the clothes, especially that unicorn one! *3* I thought the bunnies were edible treats at first... Too cute to use in the bath tehehe :P

  4. Oh my god I live about 20 minutes from reading and my sister lives in Bracknell <3
    Looks like you had alot of fun :3

  5. Those clothes are so cute. I must admit, when I saw those bunnies at the top of the page I thought they were cake. What awesome bath bombs!

    <3 Sarah | Oh So Kawaii