Tuesday, 26 May 2015

~Kawaii person of the month post!~

Oh gosh I'm so bad at updating, but things have been hectic lately- I'm going to devise a timetable to do things soon since list alone aren't enough to help me! ;7;
I'm currently ill in bed with the sniffles so I have no excuse to not update my blog! hopefully you can all forgive me and look forward to all the cool posts I have on the way!

I've a rather delayed post to post (to post post post), but I hope you'll still be interested!

(Lets go!)

Okay so a few weeks back this lovely blog owner on twitter were looking for applicants for their own blogs monthly award 'kawaii person of the month'. I thought 'why not' and applied and the sweetie selected me as kawaii person of the month!

I just wanted to post on my blog to show you their blog post and say that I hope you all check them out and apply too! since you're all so cute and you're all the kawaii-est person of the month to me! <3

Here is the link to her wonderful article!: click here lovely

And here is the link to her blogs Facebook page!: click here lovely

I hope to speak to you all soon!


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  1. CONGRATS ON THE HONOR AND THE NOTICE!!!!!Cannot wait for the new updates...and most importantly GET BETTER SOON!!!! :) :) :)