Tuesday, 28 April 2015

~I am a bean!?- Apologies for my bad singing and lack of posts~

I'm so awful, I'm sooooo sorry guys I'll have proper posts soon I promise!
I've just been painting and such (also the video makes my room look super messy but actually most must stuff happens to be on those walls and that side of my room oddly)

Anyway, have fun and I'll be back soon with cool stuff and derps a plenty!

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  1. Remember that You....unlike a bean, are brilliant, beautiful, an inspiration to all who are around You. As has been said before.....You are going to do many amazing things in this world. And in turn many others will see Your lead and seek to match what You have done and ARE doing...

    The above is not hype or anything else. It is that You are a friend and deserve nothing less than honesty from those who see what good You have now, what good You will do down the road. Be it online, at conventions, etc.

  2. And just to let you know that how much of an influence You have here, please check this out and scroll down a couple paragraphs:


  3. PPS: If the following link says anything, it's that no one in this group...you or anyone is a bean *S* Read through and you will see why...https://www.facebook.com/randi.l.dennis/posts/10207200536794557