Sunday, 5 April 2015

~Easter howdy's~

I just want to wish everyone a happy Easter! and for those who don't celebrate Easter I just hope you have a great day!

I like it when its a public holiday for a religious festival just so people are able to catch up with some rest, being able to have a little while to sort things out in their life etc.

Its a shame that the UK doesn't make more religions festival public holidays but hopefully we can make that a reality in the future so that other families and such can celebrate their festivals without the stress of taking days of work etc,
Wither way I just hope everyone has a wonderful day and stays safe!

(my video just saying happy birthday)

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  1. How cute! I hope you had a lovely easter! <3

  2. Aaah you're so funny! I love your video <3 Although I guess it's too late for me to say Happy Easter? D:

  3. Also sending belated easter wishes =^_^=

    Hope you make a cute new post soon-Soo x