Tuesday, 10 March 2015

~Instagram and vine? Life update and pastel fun times~

Hello there you lovely lot! I'm so glad to be back writing and posting for you all. My laptop and internet have been playing up, and at a time where I've been desperate to vlog/blog about life and fashion.

I've recently been so inspired and I've had so much to blog about but without a proper computer to post on it was difficult to update you all. luckily I'm back again and hopefully it shall remain that way.

Anyway onto the main topics I have recently brought a phone which actually allows me to have apps and functions. this means I now how vine and instagram. I have been updating these like mad so please follow me if you want to watch me being a silly lump on vine and want to look at cute pastel things and my face on instagram.

Also during all the commotion with my laptop I lost all the edited videos I had to upload- I'm super angry but at the same time not fussed- it will motivate me to re-do them all in a far better quality.

I have a pillow tutorial, a tsum tsums vlog/blog, and a video for tips to tidy up coming your way soon so I hope you'll all be eager! Also expect a lot of otd posts on your way since my room in now tidy enough and organised enough for me to show you cute outfits!~
Also If anyone wants to add me on Line, Lineplay, or tsum tsums my account name is pastelophelia.
~Thank you for reading you lovely lump, I hope you'll stay safe and happy!~

(Btw all my pictures are from my Instagram which you should defo follow because I am fab, fun, and 3000% done!)

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  1. Aww so cute ! I love your tights ^^

    1. Thank you so much lovely~ their adorable but I've already put so many holes in them sadly~ ;u; <3

  2. You are so cute Ohmyglob I can't *-*