Tuesday, 10 March 2015

~A discount code and a serious chat to you~

Hey there you lovely lot- I'm coming back at you with a discount code for one of my favourite stores!

Awhile ago I Stumbled upon Syndrome stores website page and fell in love with their products. Not too long ago I saw they were looking for people for their sponsorship program- I had just a few followers below their minimum requirement but I messaged them and they agreed to work with me! (how lovely?!)

They gave me a 5% off code for my followers and I'm so glad that some people have already used the code (including myself) and managed to save 5% off of their total.
I've brought from syndrome 3 times now (one time with the help of my girlfriend who also has a discount code) and I couldn't be happier with the service and quality.

My code is "pastelophelia" and will give you 5% off- I've used it 3 times now and I still have so much more to buy but the trouble is saving enough money!

I'll have proper review for those items but first of all I want to have a chat with you all.


I would never lie to you guys, I'm a very easy going person (though I can become stressed easily) and someone who loves a good bargain and wants to help others- I wouldn't work with a store if I didn't like them, nor would I big anyone up just to get stuff.

I hate, hate, HATE it when people do that and its not fair on anyone of you lot. I'm not any better than anyone, I certainly wouldn't exploit anyone or lie for my personal gain.

If a company scams people, treats their customs poorly, are blatantly racist etc then I don't even want to be associated with them- I wouldn't accept shit off of them because I don't want to help shitty people in the slightest.

I'm quite a poor person and to buy things take alot of time and saving. I constantly use and appreciate people's discount codes and sales etc and I want to be able to help people in the same way. I know that a lot of people struggle with feeling cute and buying cute things and I want to help people with all the tips I've learnt over the years.

I buy almost every single thing I review- sometimes I win a giveaway and I have been fortunate to be sponsored 3 times in my life by three wonderful stores but I truly love those stores and will speak out freely is I found anything unsatisfactory about them.

I am here to spread cuteness around the world and to help others- not to take or hurt anyone.
I want to have fun and embrace cuteness and everyone else's cuteness, and hopefully together we can make the world a happier place. But we can't if people exploit or help people to exploit others.

This blog isn't just made up of me, its made up of us!
 All of you guys who read this blog make this blog what it is, you are the drive behind it and the main focus. You who experience and interact, this is your blog as much as mine and I'm here for you okay~

I hope we'll have many fun years together with equal trust on both sides so we can make this world the cutest it can be!~

Thank you for reading! If you want to do any collabs, art trades or you want to request a video/ blog post/ song sover/ doodle then let me know~

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~Instagram and vine? Life update and pastel fun times~

Hello there you lovely lot! I'm so glad to be back writing and posting for you all. My laptop and internet have been playing up, and at a time where I've been desperate to vlog/blog about life and fashion.

I've recently been so inspired and I've had so much to blog about but without a proper computer to post on it was difficult to update you all. luckily I'm back again and hopefully it shall remain that way.

Anyway onto the main topics I have recently brought a phone which actually allows me to have apps and functions. this means I now how vine and instagram. I have been updating these like mad so please follow me if you want to watch me being a silly lump on vine and want to look at cute pastel things and my face on instagram.

Also during all the commotion with my laptop I lost all the edited videos I had to upload- I'm super angry but at the same time not fussed- it will motivate me to re-do them all in a far better quality.

I have a pillow tutorial, a tsum tsums vlog/blog, and a video for tips to tidy up coming your way soon so I hope you'll all be eager! Also expect a lot of otd posts on your way since my room in now tidy enough and organised enough for me to show you cute outfits!~
Also If anyone wants to add me on Line, Lineplay, or tsum tsums my account name is pastelophelia.
~Thank you for reading you lovely lump, I hope you'll stay safe and happy!~

(Btw all my pictures are from my Instagram which you should defo follow because I am fab, fun, and 3000% done!)

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