Tuesday, 24 February 2015

~I love you all so much!~

Hey there- I thoroughly apologise I never seem to post regularly but I am now out of college and I really wanted to talk to you all about some things.

So I'm not the most healthiest person, both mentally and physically- I'm ill very often and anxiety and depression makes it hard for myself to feel motivated. And lately I've had a reaction to my anti-depressants which mean I have to leave that course of medication and search for another one.

This obviously feels like a set back and I've had a lot of other health issues arise lately meaning lots of ouchie blood tests. But despite all this I actually feel more determined now than usual. I feel I actually have a lot to talk about and post and to make people happy- I think getting a working phone has definitely helped me a lot. I enjoy making silly vines and scrolling instagram- being surrounded by peoples hopes and happiness is very nice and it inspires me to make others happy!

Also I recently became OBSESSED With a YouTube called MissRemiAshten (Please check her out she is amazing) and her positivity and her fun outlook on life and just her daily life has really inspired me and brought a lot of happiness to my life right now- seriously I never thought I'd be into those types of vlogs but she is seriously amazing!

I feel so inspired and happy and I really want to share this all with you- no matter what you guys go through you are all beautiful people with so many unique and wonderful things about you! I want you to keep your chin held high and to be happy- if even only at the simple things- you all deserve happiness and I hope my silly lame attempts will make you a little bit happy!

Anyway, I'm signing off for now but look out for all the fun and cute vlogs, vines, posts, and cat selfies which are heading your way!

-A very hopeful and silly pastel ophelia-

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