Saturday, 13 September 2014

~My February northern Ireland trip~

This is a super late post but hopefully it will all make sense.
I'll be returning to northern Ireland again soon so hopefully I can do more this time!~

In February I headed to Northern Ireland for family matters. Despite the sudden notice I was able to get there relatively stress free and even got to have some miso soup at the airport, which is a treat since I adore miso soup and I adore tofu and I was allowed lots of extra tofu with my soup.~

When I got there I didn't do much except organise the blog layout and sort out a few posts, but despite this I managed to get a little bit of shopping in before I left, though no where fancy.

First of all I brought two things from Claire's accessories, a whatever necklace ( which I've fallen in love with), and some pink macaroon earrings. I don't actually have my ears pierced, I brought these earrings for the give away I'm hosting.

After visiting Claire's I headed the next shopping centre across the street which had a larger range of shops. In that centre I headed to the Primark straight away and managed to buy two very pretty dresses.

I also Brought a pair of Evans shoes in a closing down sale. I love Evans shoes, they cater for wider foot sizes. I sadly have fairly wide so its hard to find elegant shoes which fit me. I brought some simple black wedges there.~

Despite the lack of images of the shoes being worn I managed to get plenty of selfies of me in the black heart dress I brought.


I was also feeling sick for the most of the time so my mother surprised me with pizza and fresh milkshake {How cute of her!}

After I was slowly recovering I attempted to create a lolita outfit with the limited articles of clothing I brought- I think I did okay for what I had~ 


Stay cute you pretty people~

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