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~My cute and positive anime/manga~

Here is a post I've been wanting to for awhile.

I have quite a few (top manga/anime etc) styled posts planned but I think this one is very important.

I tend to prefer sad, and psychological anime but they can really get you down in the dumps, I've only really recently started watching more happy and cutesy anime and I've slowly fallen in love with so many anime's which have left a positive mark in my life.

I think its important to remember that its okay liking more sadder things in life, but you sometimes need a little happy pick me up.

Here are my top 5 cutesy and positive anime/manga's:~

5. Voiceful:

Whilst this one isn't particularly happy it has a wonderful story to it and has very relatable characters.
Since I have anxiety I really love the character Kanae, a girl who has anxiety and finds it hard to leave her room and to go to school. she finds comfort in music and adores the music of an online idol called Hina. she finally musters the strength to leave the house to get her hair styled just like her idol and has an unexpected encounter with her idol.

Kanae and Hina are both sweet girls who have their own life problems yet try their best to make each other happy and to improve their life. I love the messages from this book and I feel it gives strength to those who also feel very isolated and unable to approach social situations.

4. Sailor moon:

I think everyone already know enough about sailor moon for me to go into to much detail. But for those who don't know- Sailor moon is based on a girl called Usagi Tsukino who isn't the most academic, slender or popular girl but is bright, funny and super friendly and kind to everyone around her. despite being a bit of a cry baby at first she slowly matures into a young women. She turns out to be the sailor senshi 'Sailor moon' and battles evil in the name of love.

I won't say too much about the whole story line but just know that this story may have its sad moments but its full of laughter and romance too and certainly a great read. Sailor moon is a tale which has a remarkable effect on your life
{and of course she's adorable too~}

3. Kuragehime:

This story is wacky, funny, a little sad and positive. Even though Tsukimi is extremely socially awkward- especially around those who are fashionable, she still stays strong and sticks to her morals- especially when it comes to jellyfish.
She dreamed of growing up into a beautiful women who's wedding dress would be beautiful like a jelly fish yet somehow along the way became a 'loser'.

She has a gang of quirky friends who have their own 'unique' interests and our just as passionate and  as socially awkward as her.
When Kuranosuke, a cross dressing fashionable boy waltz into her life it causes a lot of turmoil but comfort as she makes her very unlikely friend.

This series makes you want to follow your passions, to fight for what you believe in, and not to judge on appearance but by heart.

2. Puripara:

I owe so much to puripara. PuriPara despite only just coming out during the summer of 2014 it has greatly impacted my life!
Puripara(or Pripara) was the first proper idol anime which I got into, which got me back into anime, made me determined to be a more positive person, and is the reason why I got my interest in idols from.

This anime is sweet, bubbly and full of sparkles!
Lala Manaka is a young girl who goes to a strict school which is against the idol program called pripara. Every girl one day gets her ticket- which seems to appear from no where when its ready for the girl. Lala's best friends Pri ticket is taken from her but she soon gets her own- having to hide it from the school or she'll lose her chance to go. She meets another idol in Pripara call Mirie and they perform together- becoming a unit.

This anime is so sweet and funny and cute! And is certainly a feel good anime to watch to perk you up!

1. Aikatsu!:

Words cannot describe how much I love Aikatsu!

This anime has been so amazing for me. Its strengthened my dreams of becoming and idol and its just helped me be a more positive and happy person.
I instantly feel in love with the main characters, I love them all to pieces there's not a single one I dislike. Theres only one character I don't tend to favour but I adore all of the characters to pieces!

Aikatsu is about a girl called Ichigo discovering that her little brother is passionate about idols when she causes him to spill juice on his photographs of the top idol- Kanzaki Mizuki.
She asks her friend Aoi, who is an Idol fanatic to give her brother some spare images of hers if she doesn't mind. This leads to Aoi  getting tickets for them all to see Kanzaki Mizuki live!

After seeing her performance for the first time, and watching an idol perform Ichigo becomes super pssionate about idols and her and her friend takes an entrance exam for starlight academy- The prestigious idol school in which Mizuki goes to herself!
The anime is cute, fun, and full of adorable tunes you won't be able to help falling in love with!

I cannot even describe how hooked I've gotten on this series and hopefully I talk talk even more about it in future posts!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have your own anime/manga's which make you feel happy and positive!

Comment below your favourite happy or positive anime/manga!~

Stay cute you pretty people~

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