Saturday, 2 August 2014

♥Update- I shall be uploading things soon♥

Hello Everyone, I'm so sorry for the long wait for my next post. Despite my new years resolution to upload a new post every week, My health hasn't permitted me to keep my promise.
Despite my slip up I hope to try again and have regular posts on this blog.

I've both been very busy and yet had nothing to do lately, but I promise I've now got a small back log of blog posts to post now so I at least have some material to blog about.

I think I'll aim now in the light of my health at one post per fortnight minimum- instead of one post a week.
If anyone has any post requests though that would be super helpful and then I can post more frequently.

Also my doodle for this  time~

Tell me if you think I should include a drawn picture in my update from no on?

Also, The give away hasn't got long left guys, I still need like 9 entries till the giveaway qualifies otherwise I'll put the things to the side for then next giveaway.

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