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♥HyperJapan July 2014♥

From Friday the 25th of July till Sunday the 27th, J-culture fanatics rushed to the doors of Earls court exhibition centre for a taste of culture, cuisine and style straight from japan. HyperJapan is possibly the highlight of my year every year.

A place where many others who adore Japanese street fashions, Anime, Manga, Japanese culture and cuisine can congregate to experience an event which celebrates all of those and allow you to interact with others with similar interests.

This time I was selected to take part in the smaller J-fashion catwalk called 'challenging runway'. Sadly for this My usual petticoat whilst I was trying to put it on so i had to go with my back up petti which is as flat as Sting ray. Also my outfit was very dull compared to everyone else's elaborate outfits.

I made my way from Basingstoke to Waterloo Station and from there to earls court. In the middle of my journey I noticed a little boy getting excited and staring at me and my sister. his mother then approached us and said he though we were getting married. she was very kind and asked if I was wearing J-fashion. I was happy to meet someone who was so kind towards me and positive towards my fashion. It turns out that she was a photographer interested in taking some J-fashion shot which would be super interesting so hopefully i can update you all later if anything happens.

Anyway~ on to the outfits~

When I got there I had to enter there alone since My family and friends had second sessions slots and the fashion show was in the first Saturday time slot. Though I was super anxious to walk around by myself and having to spark conversations with strangers, it was nice to take a glimpse of the hall before my friends since I could look for the things they wanted so I could help them get what they want.

When I actually got behind the stage for the practice I was surrounded by so many beautiful girls, their dresses were beautiful- I was certainly the crystal in a box full of diamonds.
I was in group 2 of the challenge catwalk and I was 5th in the queue. I was so nervous to go out there since I'm extremely anxious and crowds make my stomach flutter with butterflies, and not only that but I had to pose at each cross ( different poses each time) which left me even more panicky since I can't even do one pose, and on top of that I messed up the posing too.

Sadly I have no pictures of me on the stage but if anyone has any of me I'd love to see them. ❤

After my performance I was approached by a very sweet girl who was also a lolita and her friend who was cosplaying Austria who complimented me on my (derpy) performance. I was so flattered and they were both so sweet, we sat there squealing at each other and then the Austria cos player was nice enough to offer me a chocolate chip muffin which I kindly refused. 

After that I just went around by myself and took a couple of pictures.
Since the HyperKawaii stage was right next to the show case of Kyary's ponponpon outfit there was no chance of me missing out on the opportunity to take a picture right there and then.

After that I stumbled into the adorable and sweet Tartan Kawaii! This was my first time meeting her in person but I've been lucky enough to chat with her online. She is very sweet, caring and also very interesting. Her blog is adorable so I'll link it here: Staying Super Kawaii

I sadly never got the chance to take a picture of her so I'm using one of her own. ❤

After that I managed to get a snap of this cutie~ her totoro dress was adorable and she was really sweet whilst I tried to work my camera since it was playing up.

By this time people started to leave since the first session was over. I made my way outside and was once again stopped by a person who recognised my derpy performance. I was happy though since people had bothered to remember me so I thought it was very sweet.

After I met up again with my family and friends I was called over for a group lolita shoot. It was for the official HyperJapan Photo book I think. It was lovely to see even more beautiful dresses in one place.

Once we got back inside, we headed straight to lovejojo's stall to receive some cute free squishy buns. I got a rilakkuma bun one. It was lovely to speak to her again, she so sweet to me and she even helped me out later on by giving me a discount on an alpaca so I could afford it.
She's super sweet and sells a great selection of alpacas, and I can certainly vouch for her quality, I've have 6 big alpaca's in my room and only one of them isn't from her. she's my alpaca dealer~ {call the llama police}

You can visit her store here
you can visit her Facebook here

We then visited the Japanese traditional culture area. We especially loved the cute little bonsai tree's. These two were my favourite ones.

{The picture to the right had tiny statues of people which made it even cooler}

From there we made out way through the fringe market which was great, there were so many adorable and interesting things there that every time I looked through that section I found new things to love.
Whilst in the middle of browsing I heard a familiar voice singing in the distance. Since I adore Kelsey Ellison and her cute songs and dances I just had to make my way towards the nearby stage.

I sadly only got to listen to the end of her performance but I was lucky to have a picture with her and receive a business card from her. She was super sweet and I'm so glad to have gotten a picture with her (even though I look dreadful in this picture).
Her blog is here!

The next stop was the Nintendo area where I purchased Tomodatchi life for half the amount it would usually be. I love simulation games, especially cute ones with a twist like animal crossing so I was so excited to get this game. 

Not only that we got to have a look at the prototype figurine stand thingys for the new super smash bros game. They were beautiful though I doubt the mass produced ones for the game itself will be any wear near as beautiful as these were.

By the end of the evening we all rushed of to get things before the event closed, I ended up with more than I could carry in a couple of mins and with an empty purse.

At the same time my friend had qualified for the super smash brawl final. Not only was I and my friends super proud of her but she was also the only female to reach the final. despite getting knocked out she still did really well and many people cheered for her since she was the only girl in the match.

So Congratulations to trying your best, and a big thanks to everyone who put lots of effort in to HyperJapan this year.

My haul

I picked up quite a bit when actually inside of HyperJapan, here are some of my goodies~

{The bag is not included in the hual}

 {I only brought a small print of the lead singer of broken doll and they gave me so many extra's were so grateful and polite and even ran after me just to give me my change. I'm so sad that once I returned to their stall to buy one of their pretty necklaces they were gone, hopefully next time but I love their songs and they were all so sweet so I'm super happy with everything I got from them.}

 As well as all the items I brought I also received lots of cute cards and stickers for free from hyperJapan.

Including these cute yellow stickers, I adore these so much and I especially like the girl egg character~

 And here are the adorable business cards I picked up,  I can;t wait to buy from all these stores, hopefully I can do some reviews and such when I get round to making some more online purchases.

{All of these will end up somewhere on the catastrophic mess which is my door}

{I also forgot the mention this little hair clip I was wearing whilst taking photo's- last but not least}

HyperJapan was truly amazing once again, thank you for everyone who kindly approached me, who helped me find the stages and such. Its great too see people both kind and happy.

I'll have a new post up soon so stay tuned!

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