Monday, 4 August 2014

♥HarajukuEU Store Discount code♥

Today I just got some very interesting yet also amazing news.

I've been given a 15% off code for a online store which sells cute things like seifuku's, maid outfits, cute wigs, cool t-shirts and soon even more amazing things will be stocked too!
The Stores Name is HarajukuEU and can be found on StoreEnvy.
The store has three bases, the UK, Sweden, and china. The store also ships world wide!

Not only does it sell cute things but it also has their very own Taobao shopping service~ which is currently on sale at only $10 commission.
I'm really interested and intrigued on this shopping service and will be using it soon for a review.

The shop has only just been set up yet already has many items I love and would buy.
Soon I plan on reviewing the store but so far the store seems legitimately good.

And for those who are interested the code for 15% off it is

Here is a link to the store: here

Thank you for reading!

{all photographs are photo's of the products original Taobao sellers}

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