Monday, 11 August 2014

~Green Tea KitKat Candy review {+Video Review}~

{you can watch my video review here!}

Japan is famous for many iconic and wacky things, from Harajuku girls, to odd inventions. But among all the creative and interesting things Japan offers, they also have a wide and unusual range of KitKat flavours.
Kit Kats in Japan not only have a wide range on tasty flavours, but also certain flavours are only for some regions, and some flavours are limited edition, which means its even more special to get these flavours.

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Not only that but KitKat is very similar to the Japanese phrase ''Kitto Katsu'' which means ''to surely/certainly win'', which has made the popular nestle snack associated with Students who are taking their school entrance exams. It has become so popular to send KitKats as gifts for this purpose that Nestle has partnered up with Japan post and at most local Japanese post offices you can sent official Japan post  KitKat boxes.

{not my own photo, sourced from google images}

So today I've been super lucky to get hold of a bag of 12 Japanese KitKats!
I've got Kyoto's Matcha flavour to review, one of the flavours I've always wanted to try. The two other flavours I'm desperate to try are Taro (Okinawa) and Sakura Matcha (which I believe was a seasonal one?)

Green Tea is one of the easiest flavours to get hold of although now I believe its being replaced by a new flavour so I feel quiet lucky to have a bag of these yummy treats.

Candy Review:

Expectation: 5/5: I was really looking forward to trying the Matcha KitKats, since I adore almost everything which is green tea flavoured.

Taste: 3/5: I was sort of let down due to my high expectations, I didn't think that it really tasted like green tea at all, instead it was super creamy. It was still nice but certainly not what I was expecting

Price: 4/5: at £4.75 its not the cheapest purchase for a bunch of chocolate but its also not that expensive in comparison to how much people usually charge for Japanese KitKats. I've seen empty boxes go for £8 and up just because the boxes are of a rare flavour. This is the cheapest I've found Japanese KitKats so I'm super chuffed with the price.

Would you recommend it to others?: Yes, Because Japanese KitKats are truly an experience, even if they're not what you'd expect them to be their something different from the plain old chocolate ones we're used to.
I'd highly recommend trying out some for yourself!

So yeah, what do you guys think?
What flavours of KitKat have you tried from Japan or want to try?

Tell me below and maybe one day I'll review and have a give away for some?

Stay cute you pretty people!~


  1. I really love kit kat!!~ I have a Alpacasso Eden like you!!

  2. ooo they looked so good ^^ must say that sakura matcha flavour is very tempting.
    kawaii review as always ^_^ xxx