Wednesday, 6 August 2014

♥GlitterBomb Review♥

 Back to my usual cutesy shenanigans, Today I have an adorable review for you all!

Glitterbomb is a UK based store which sells things ranging from hand crafted jewellery which includes necklaces, hair clips, earrings, all the way to Hand made bows and phone cases. I've been dreaming of owning some of their pieces for awhile so I'm so happy to show you this review!
They have a wide range of acrylic jewellery which many of you know I personally adore, and as well as that they also have a wide range of acrylic magical girl pieces-Which I am truly in love with.

Glitterbomb is one of my all time favourite stores and I'm so happy to be able to review one of their most beautiful products for you.~

~Review summary~

Shipping: N/A: I brought from their HyperJapan stall so their was no shipping involved.

Products: 5/5: Their things have the cutest and most unique designs. I am in awe of this shop, they always manage to surprise me with more amazing designs each time they update.

Price: 4/5: they do feel a little expensive. The card captor necklace cost me £18 but you are paying for good quality materials and the time and effort of someone designing it. Certainly something to save up for and treat yourself with!

Quality: 5/5: Like previously mentioned the quality on this product is to die for, the acrylic is sturdy and well crafted. Certainly a must have for anyone who loves acrylic jewellery like myself!

Overall: 6/5: If it were possible to give 6/5 I honestly would for this store, despite the fact that I don't tend to spend over £5 on a necklace usually I've been saving and deciding on what glitterbomb necklace to buy for awhile now. I truly do love their store and I hope that some of you will soon be just as in love with their products as I am!

~Some products from Glitterbomb I highly recommend~






Thank you all for reading this post! I have a lot more posts coming up  so please stay tuned for more cuteness!

You can visit their website here
And you can visit their shop here


  1. This is such a lovely post and I am in LOVE with the websites items! especially cause some of them are sailor moon related!!! xo

    1. Thank you!~ <3
      I'm the same- I adore glitter bomb- especially their magical girl pieces (the sailor moon ones especially are beyond cuteness) :') <3