Monday, 4 August 2014

100 years since the tommy went to war

poppyThis post will have a far different tone too all my previous posts and for that I'm sorry.poppy
For those who aren't aware of my passions can already guess from my blog that I adore cute fashions, Japanese culture and other various cutesy things. But some of you won't know of my passion for studying modern history, the rise of Marxism, The cold war, the rise of the Nazi party, post war Europe, America, Africa, Asia etc and on top of that list I adore learning about the events of the first world war.
I've always been interested in the first world war since I was a child, I would dig trenches and sit in them, acting out as if I was on the western front. as a very small child I'd pass sandbag banks stacked up in little ditches and I would ask if that was where the war was fought. And despite the fact the in the first world war one side of my family was in the navy and the other side fighting against British rule I've always been fascinated with trench warfare. 
Despite my enthusiasm for modern periods of conflict I in no way celebrate war or enjoy it. I merely find it extremely interesting and insightful. I love learn about the people, how they copes in these times and somehow pulled through. I also adore the arts which came out of the horrors of the trenches, paintings, poetry, art styles such as dada, cubism and really all 'modern' art in a way since Duchamp's fountain (1917) was seen as the beginning of  modern art itself.

Poetry is what Really started my strong interest in the first world war. For the first time I read Wilfred Owen's 'Futility' I was hooked on the emotive and truthful words of those who had witnessed such audacious things.

What I wanted to say with this post is that even though one hundred years has passed since Britain entered the 'war to end wars' war still is very real and still effects so many.
Conflicts come and go but we shall not forget! Not the Soldiers who died for an unknown cause, the Doctors and nurses to stayed up for days to make sure their patients made it through the night, to the civilians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and we won't forget those who start wars don't serve in them!
We've lost so many people, who are now only a vacant memory passed down by stories, but we won't forget the conflict that changed the world. 
Lest we forget!

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