Sunday, 11 May 2014

Leia Lavender: Pressing flowers CD review

I have been a fan of Leia Lavender's YouTube videos for a while now, and when browsing tumblr I discovered her singing voice.

After hearing her own rendition of Nicole Dollanganger's Coma baby I fell entranced by her voice and found links to her Bandcamp link~

(which the link to her bandcamp can be found here)

I soon found myself purchasing her latest ep Pressing flowers- which is full of many ambient and gentle sounding songs with thought provoking lyrics~
I paid for the £5 option- which included a CD, And a lot of extras which I didn't know about~


{She included a pressed flower and lots of cute stickers~}
{This is an envelop which includes a super cute letter written by her}

 {Here is a super beautiful hand painted illustration
she drew for me~ how cute! <3}

I was amazed by everything- the soundtrack was beautiful, and she gave me so many extras which included a long and thoughtful handwritten letter~ <3

The whole experience was delightful and it was really great to own a wonderful CD from such and amazing singer!

Review summary!Shipping: 5/5 - The items arrived super quickly, she told me when she'd be able to ship the items directly and the items all arrived safely. Also the shipping was very cheap and reasonable.

Products: 5/5 - The actual CD was worth far more than the £5. I'm still in love with the songs even after constantly playing them over and over again.

Price: 5/5- The price was extremely good like previously stated. She gave me so many extras as well that it was so worth the purchase!

Quality: 5/5 - Despite it being only made on a plain disc, the Sound quality is great, as well as the quality for all the items she gave me.

Over all: I can't sing enough praises for the joy this parcel gave me. I listen to the songs at least once a day and I (embarrassingly) quote the lyrics often.
I struggled to decide for hours whether to buy this CD or to but a teddy and I'm so glad I chose "Pressing Flowers" in the end!

I'd love to find out in the comments below if you've ever brought anything from bandcamp before?~

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Thanks for the review :) I'll make sure to listen to her music ^^ I love the paintings! They're so detailed!

    1. A Pleasure! ;u;

      And I'm glad you're interested in checking out her music now~ I adore her voice~ <3

      And she has such a cute style~ <3