Sunday, 4 May 2014

♥Crafts and plants fair♥

Last Sunday on the  27th of April, I visited a local crafts and plants fair.
Though it was a fairly small event it was really cute and had a wide range of trinkets for sale.

I only wore a simple outfit that day since I didn't want to draw tones of attention to myself.
I war a simple black jsk, a pink turtle neck jumper, and some plain black tights, some vintage brown shoes and a pink BTSSB bag.

April is one of my favourite months of the year, everything is so green and there's a lot of sunny days and rainy days and all the flowers are happy and blooming.
I ended up taking lots of pictures of flowers but I'll only show you two.

When we actually got there, there was a fee to get in. Luckily I was with my mother so it never came out of my pocket but I still felt bad for having to have her pay my fee.

Once we started to look around a noticed a fair few lucky dips on the craft stalls. I'm a sucker for mystery prizes so I had more than one go on the lucky dips.

This cute little pink wrapper is one of the three lucky dips I got.~

There was lots of pretty stall but sadly I didn't take any pictures of them and soon enough we had to start heading home.

On the way back we stopped off at McDonalds. I thought it was funny because of the way we set up the plant and this weird statue, and the way I have to organise the way I eat I made it look like a 'luxury' dinning experience


I wasn't particularly hungry so I ate very little of the McDonalds but I was super thirsty and I had been craving a strawberry shortcake krushem for far too long. I eventually caved in and brought myself a tasty krushem~ yum!

{I couldn't help posing with the krushem~ ignore the stupid face}
When I got back I took pictures of (almost) everything I got
(I forgot to take a picture of a few of the items)


I thought everything was super cute and everyone there were super friendly and informative.
This was my second year going, and it was nice to see some familiar stalls~

 {Also a little side note, my freckles have really came out again,
not sure if I like them or not but oh well~ sorry for the derping}
What was your favourite item that I brought?

I'd love to find out in the comments below~

Thank you so much for reading!

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