Friday, 30 May 2014

♥Pastel-Ophelia's 100 follower giveaway♥


Finally I can properly tell you guys about my great news~
Its finally time for me to host a giveaway!

Since I passed 100 followers for my blog and Facebook page I thought it was time to hold the giveaway~
I know so of you would be expecting this but I hope you're still pleasantly surprised~

Anyway now onto discussing the give away, I shall be hosting the giveaway on Rafflecopter and I will only be doing the give away if I get more than 100 entries on it.

If the give away doesn't reach its 100 minimum then I shall just add the prizes to the next giveaway I host~

Also if you Un-Follow me on any of the required media after the giveaway you will be disqualified from all future giveaways.

In regards to the fact that the seifuku is a medium seifuku and if you win and you can't fit a medium, contact me and we will decide on a new prize.

Hopefully I can mind some reasonably prized larger seifuku's but until I find some the give away will be a medium seifuku or another cute prize for the same price.

Here is the choice of the seifuku colours

These seifuku's aren't the highest quality seifuku's so don't be expecting something super fancy since this is only a small give away~

Also, I will include a doodle of the winner as a chibi in a J-fashion, as well as a few other small goodies like badges~

{Below are examples of drawings so you have a rough idea what you're getting, once again I'm not great at drawing so this wont be the greatest prize}

Also, The give away in international {as long as it gets its over 100 target}

Also I will not be held responsible for customs on the prizes coming into the country nor will I be held responsible if the package arrives to you broken since I assure you it will leave in the finest condition.

 Now with that out of the way, I hope you'll all enjoy my first give away!

I will link up the Rafflecopter entry thing here once it is complete~
 Good luck guys~

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

♥Milk Chocolate Dream review♥

 Heya guys~
I hope you're all doing great!~

Today I received two parcels in the post. One which had two seifuku's in (one pastel blue and one lilac) and one parcel from Milk Chocolate Dream- which is a cue online store which can be found on Etsy which sells cute resin and polymer clay pieces.

Milk chocolate dream is based in the UK and sells a wide range of cute products from necklaces to custom phone cases.

I initially discovered the store through its adorable wing hair clips which I couldn't resist buying. I find that its hard to find certain cute pieces in the UK and I'd seen many over sea stores sell their own version of wing hair clips.

I'm super happy to not only find a store in the UK which sells these hair clips (and not only that ones which are shimmery), but I'm also super happy to have found a really good priced and high quality store which I can buy from within the UK.

~On to the products~

~The cute extra's~

Review summary!
Shipping: 4.5/5 - The items came far sooner than I expected. The shipping status though never changed till like the night before. I'm not if this is because it was shipped super quickly and that it just didn't appear on the system or that she forgot to mark it as sent?
either way I think the tinsy bit of confusion will make me give it a 4.5.

Products: 5/5 - I can't even believe how wonderful these items are. I'm not exaggerating when I say that when I saw them on the website I was desperate to get them all. Everything is super cute, super sparkly, and super pink- everything you need.

Price: 5/5- The price was extremely reasonable, and top of that I could use an etsy coupon on the store which made it even more affordable!~

Quality: 5/5 - Everything has been made to the highest quality and Everything seems sturdy and in the right place, I will say one thing though and that is that its hard to use the necklace piece since the clip is so tiny.

Over all: I can't believe I've only just discovered this amazing store!
I'm glad that I finally know this store though, the service was great, the products was great- everything was great I can't recommend this store enough~

I actually uploaded a video review for this as well on YouTube so please subscribe and like etc

So hopefully you guys can all request video's and such as well as blog posts~! <3

I hope to see what you guys think!~ <3

Here is the link to the Milk Chocolate Dream Review~

Saturday, 17 May 2014

♥Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Nanda Tour 2014♥

 Hello Everyone~ I hope you've had a super wonderful day!

Do you guys like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?
On Tuesday the 29th of April Kyary Pamyu Pamyu came to London to give her second UK performance.
This was he first time I'd gotten tickets to see her and I won't lie I was very excited and nervous.

I first got into kyary only 3 years ago- on Friday the 22nd of April 2011.
This day was extremely important to me because at this point I knew about j-fashion but I hadn't really tried to look into it any farther.

After watching Kyary's Pon Pon Video it got me hooked on her cute and quirky style which led to me discovering Fairy Kei and decora.

To finally be able to see her live in person was a dream come true and hopefully she'll be back in the UK soon enough so I can see her again.


It took me ages to figure out to wear and I only put my outfit together a few minuets before leaving for the train { opps }
I went for a sweet/classic lolita combo, which is my favourite type of lolita~



 We got  the train at around 11am to London. We only live 45 minuets away by train so it wasn't a very long journey but I adore train journeys- especially when I get too look at the countryside~
{Derp like a pro~}

 I then played a game called Kira Kira Pop Princess on my 3DS

Its a super sparkly and cute game where you learn to do cute dances to different styles and become a famous J-Idol. Its so cute and was a fitting game to play on the journey to Kyary's concert.


When we got to central London we headed off to the Japan centre to grab some tasty snacks and some other bits and pieces~

I brought some anko bean ice cream, a matcha melon pan, a matcha doriyaki, and some meiji pocky like snack~


Me and my sister also went half and half on this cute shoujo manga magazine, which had the cutest art style and has lots of free cute stationary~  

When we were sat down some really sweet girls sat nearby and asked if they could take a picture of my lolita co-ord. They were super sweet and weren't rude about taking the photographs like many are.

If any of those girls happen to see this I'd love to chat with you~ and your outfits were lovely~


We then headed down the road to buy some bubble tea!
I personally adore bubble tea and this one shop does not only the cheapest bubble tea I know (which is only £2.50!) but its also the best tasty bubble tea also!

I brought myself a taro bubble tea, I also got a taro bubble tea for my mother and her boyfriend and they loved it.
My sister got my second favourite flavour which is the matcha bubble tea~

I can't wait to go back again soon to pick up another cup

{Who can resist its cute purple colour?}

We also then picked up some taiyaki but I forgot about them and everyone ate them all without me ;u;
So I've still yet to try one~
If anyone has tried one you must comment below telling me how they were~

We then headed to O'Neil's for a drink (Me and my sister only had water btw~)
This of course meant bathroom selfies of our outfits, though my sister was being very camera shy~


 We eventually arrived at the venue after long transport disruptions and


Now to the actual Concert!

The venue was so big and pretty~ it was the first time I'd attended a concert of a singer I liked so I was super excited!

the staging was really cool and had a creepy child like theme with toys and candies- it suited kyary a lot!

I stood right at the front, but slightly to the left so I didn't get a straight on view of her but it was still great to stand at the front.

{This image gives you a rough idea on where I was in comparison to Kyary~}
The whole performance was amazing and I "danced" to almost every song.
It was truly an experience that I won't be forgetting any time soon!

Here are the pictures of her cute performance!~ 


After the concert had finished after she performed her encore of candy candy and Chan Chaka Chan Chan (Her performance ending song) we headed to the centre of the floor to take some photo's of the adorable staging.

We then preceded to have a red faced and tired selfie- but despite being exhausted we were so happy to have seen her~


Everyone began to rush straight to the merch stall after the concert. sadly by the time we got there wasn't anything left I wanted, but I did manage to get a cute free badge of kyary which is always exciting~


After we finally left shepherds bush there were people selling cheap Kyary posters outside.
I brought two- one for me and one for my sister and then we headed to meet my mother and laid down for awhile to rest our legs~

I only then remembered I still had my doriyaki from earlier- but I'm glad I had something to eat after that since I was so sleepy~ @u@

All in all The concert was amazing, and I had a really good day out in London filled with tasty treats!

I can't wait to attend more concerts soon~ and I'll be sure to report back to you all on them!

Also I'm almost ready to tell you guys my news! I'm so excited I can barely hold it in but I shall keep the big surprise till I'm ready too!~

I hope you'll all be just as excited about it as I am!~

On another note, did any of you guys see kyary on this tour or her previous tour And If not did you want to go?

Leave me what you think below in the comments

Thank you so much for reading!

{I am the Kawaii overlord kakakaka}