Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Violle ville *Semi sponsered review*


Hey there everyone! I'm back again with another review. I'm sorry if I'm boring you guys out with reviews but they're so fun to do and I've not really had the health to type anything else, there will be more varied posts soon so stay tuned for that.

This time my review is another Storenvy shop-Violle ville!

Violle Ville is a cute online store located on Storenvy which sells an array of pastel and cute jewellery. The store is based in Israel but does world wide shipping, which is very fast my parcel arrived in only a couple of days.

I'd only discovered this store a few weeks from ordering from it, which is unusual for me. I tend to know of a store for a few months before finally ordering but this store was really cute I just needed to get my hands on its cute goodies!

I was extremely happy when they said they'd semi sponsor me for this review, it allowed me to buy more of their products for this review so I'm extremely grateful.

Here is what I received from them:

I received a little cute box from her filled to the brim with pastel goodies~ she even included her adorable business card which I shall add to my board of business cards~
 (Just look how safely packed everything is)

 She managed to fit everything in a cute little box. Nothing was broken and came to me extremely quickly.

And here is everything all laid out, I'm especially in love with her business card. Its so cute and just covered with pastel colours~

~close ups of the products~
 The rings~ Hello kitty bow ring, and a Hello kitty head ring~

The necklaces~ A chocolate dripped blue cookie necklace, A chocolate bunny necklace, and a pink rib cage necklace~

~Chocolate bunny necklace~

~Chocolate dripped blue cookie necklace~

~Pink rib cage necklace~

~Hello kitty bow ring & Hello kitty head ring~


 ~Worn Pictures~

~Pink rib cage necklace & Hello kitty rings~



~Hello kitty rings~

~Chocolate dripped blue cookie necklace~


~Chocolate bunny necklace & Hello kitty bow ring~


Review summary!Shipping: 5/5 - The shipping was from over seas yet got here in under a week. everything was sealed up nicely and I received everything in an adorable little box.

Products: 5/5 - Everything was as described on the store and more! They really are lovely in person, sadly my camera won't pick up all the details but everything is highly detailed and just really nice in general.

Price: 5/5- The items are a reasonable price since the items are really nice quality. And with the 30% discount for me being a first time reviewer meant I could afford even more items to review from her store.

Quality: 4.5/5 Everything is extremely vivid, durable and high quality. The items are exactly as seen in the stock photo's and if not even nicer in person. Everything is extremely sturdy, nothing feels like it will be breaking at any time. The only slight complaint I have is on the chocolate bunny necklace the clasp was extremely stiff but apart from that everything was excellent.

Over all: I really like this store, I'd only just found out about the store a few weeks before I placed my order but now I'm fixated on their products. I love how new items come in often and you don't have to wait a long time to see new cute jewellery. Violle ville is certainly a store to check out!


I'm really happy with all my products, Violle Ville is a store of which I'm certainly hooked on and shall be reviewing again very soon!

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So what do you guys think, Which of these items are your favourite and why?

Comment below if you have any questions and what you think about this review ö◡ö ✿

Thank you for reading!



  1. Great review, i love Violle Ville n.n
    I have a new fashion blog if you want to have a look ;3

    1. Thank you~ :')

      And cute blog, its a pity there's no follow button on your page! ;n;

      When you get a follow button tell me so I can follow you~ <3

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a ribcage necklace before! That's really unusual and very cool! I like when accessories could also be potential conversation starters XD

    All the items you got are adorable! I've never actually heard of this store before so thanks for the review :)

    1. I hadn't seen one either, I thought it was really cute and quirky so I just had to get it. My mother thinks its really creepy and gross though-Oh well, you can't please them all~ :)

      And same, I mean its not everyday people wear two ribcages? ;)

      And that's alright, thank you for being sweet!~ <3 ;u;

  3. ISRAEL. LOL. You're going very far, my traveller-sugar-buyer! kkkkkkkkkkkkk I went to the store's page and saw even Lully's pictures. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk So some brazilian girl have already bought with this store too. I'll ponder if I can buy with them. <3 The items are very cute! Hugs and cactus. o/

    1. Well the shipping from Israel wasn't much and it got here quickly so their was no problem with that. :')

      Yeah, I saw that too, You should if you can, I really like this store everything is so pretty! <3

      And thank you, I think everything I got is adorable~

      If you do end up buying from them please make a post about it, I'd love to see what you get! :)

  4. I like review posts it's like window shopping online with the hard finding work done for you and all your questions answered aha~ I like the bunny necklace the most, it looks like chocolate. I like how the jewelery is matte sets it a part from other shops. I think matte jewelery can be more matchable with clothing too ~ <3

    1. I do to ( I think that's why I do so many...opps).
      I love seeing what people get, and I agree its like others have done all the hard work to see if the service and products are actually good~

      And I love the bunny necklace, I think its my favourite too. I think matte jewellery looks better than shiny ones, though I do believe there are exceptions at times~ :)