Wednesday, 30 April 2014

♥Spring lolita outfits ideas♥

I believe it is very important for a lolita to have plenty of co-ordinates up his or her sleeves, especially ones which reflect the season they are in. These can be super handy for meet ups as you'll always be able to co-ordinate to the seasons festivals, and iconic themes and just make preparing weather suitable co-ords a lot easier.

Since we are currently in spring, a very inspirational time for lolita I thought I'd share some spring time outfit ideas.

Spring time is a time renowned for the blooming of flowers, beautiful scenery, baby animals, and bright pastel colours. Many things which can be associated with lolita fashion and lolita prints. Not only lolita but most high street shops will also bring in their bright and floral themes in for this season.

Spring is also a good time since we can finally ditch the heavy coats and the dark colours and wear more breezy and light clothing.
Fabrics such as chiffon and linen really help to keep yourself cool in the warm weather and helps achieve a whole new look with your outfits.

Every spring we see an array of pastel clothing ranges appear in the high street which is a perfect time of year to catch a good bargain for accessories, socks, and t-shirt which can be used to fashions such as decora, fairy-kei, pop-kei, and OTT sweet lolita. The more floral and elegant spring time ranges can be easily used in dolly-kei, cult party-kei, shiro nuri, and classic lolita.

Not only does spring have the theme of flowers and pretty landscapes, it also holds the holiday of Easter which can be celebrated with various images. These images include chicks and bunnies, chocolate, eggs, and even just Christian motifs such as angels, stained glass windows and crucifixes.

I don't have many of these criteria, not even floral {(something which I shall definitely get soon)} but I can show you what outfits I've made in the theme of the bright and colourful season which is spring.

~A whimsical fantasy styled outfit which is roughly based on kodona~

~A simple yet cute sweet lolita outfit~

A simple retro inspire outfit- which has a summer feel~

~A simple pastel outfit~

 ~And a OTT styled seifuku outfit -which has a variety of pastels~

Most of what I've worn in these images have been either pastel or more loose with the material. I've not had a lot of images for this theme since I've mostly stuck to dark colours and leggings and baggy shirts. Since I've been to lazy to really dress up a lot of the time.

Hopefully come spring time my wardrobe will be more colourful~

I'm sorry that I've not been posting so regularly these last few weeks.
I have a stack of posts waiting to do so hopefully you'll look forward to them all

I hope I can announce my news soon, I've still got a few things to organise but hopefully I can get it all sorted soon enough~

So what do you guys like to wear at spring time? Do you prefer lighter colours like pastels, or do you stick to the darker colours?
I'd love to find out in the comments below~
Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Love this post and all the co-ords. For spring I like to wear a mixture of dark and light, and I like to wear clothes that aren't heavy things that kind of flow.