Tuesday, 22 April 2014

♥Outfit post and life update!♥

Apologies for not posting the last two weeks, I've been a mixture of extremely poorly and then extremely busy. Its slightly funny that I've only got time to blog now that college has started up again despite it being the peak period before the exams. Even so I've been even more eager to wear lolita.

In the last few weeks my mother has purchased a few cute things for me, a boxed early 2000's care bear, a MLP tote bag and a cute finger wack 'a mole game. She's very sweet to me when I'm ill.
I hope that you are all looked after well when you are sick.

I was only well for 11 days in March and on top of that I was ill for another two weeks into April. I wish I wasn't so prone to getting ill, but it seems that even though I take my vitamins and immune boosting drinks nothing seems to improve. I hope my health increases in time but I must be grateful for what I have.

More importantly I have lots of exciting things on the way for this blog but I don't want to give anything away! I hope you stay tuned for any big announcements I may have.

I'm extremely excited for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert which is only a week away. Though I have yet to put my outfit together which is a shame. I  have no clue what to wear except for a wig I've ordered but its yet to arrive. I certainly want to wear something bold and cute like decora. But I don't have anything which could even be considered decora.

What would you guys wear if you could go to kyary's concert, or what will you be wearing if you are going?

I'm also thinking about making a really big Taobao order. I'm only wondering if the large shipping price will be a problem. I should ideally be saving up for hyper japan in July but I'm really desperate for a load of Hannari tofu which is so hard to find anywhere outside of china it seems.


I also want to make a large Store envy Order too but I have very little funds right now, Hopefully I can sell a few dresses and such to afford all these luxuries!

I've also been lucky enough to win the reinbo neko sailor moon necklace give away.
I've been really adoring sailor moon merch recently, and since the anime and manga are so cute I think my inner shoujo is being forced to shine.

Their facebook can be found here!

They seriously have a wide range of cute necklaces, I'm especially fond of their acrylic necklaces. Just be sure to check them out.~

Sorry for the long rants I'll get straight to the outfit posts! UuU

 I thought I'd give otome-kei a go but I'm not sure how it turned out as otome? But as an outfit I really like this one. I think I'll be wearing this to the next lolita meet up since it has a Picnic motif.


 (left- So determined! :C )

 I'd like to thank you all for your comments and feedback on my posts. You've been a massive help for me and this blog would be nothing without you all so thank you all so much.

I hope to be posting plenty more outfit posts, tutorials, information blog posts and event posts soon, as well as My usual review posts and haul posts!

I hope you'll all be very happy with the results~

Thank you for reading!




  1. Aww bless you, I hope your feeling better now! I'm currently waiting for a wig to come too and it's so annoying, I want it nowww lol. Your outfit look so cute, red and blue really go together ^^ Can't wait to see your big announcements c:

    If I went to a Kyary's concert (I want too! :c) I'd wearing something bright and colourful and very cute!

    1. I feel much better than before so thank you ;u; <3
      And aww, what type of wig are you waiting for? I hope it comes soon :')

      And thank you again, I've spent years running from red and blue since it was all I was forced to wear as a kid, but I might start wearing it more frequently now :')

      I also hope I can announce it soon enough! <3

      Awww, wow~ I think with seeing someone as colourful as Kyary you just need some think bright and bursting with life~ :')

      Thank you for you feedback

  2. What a cutie *0* Blue and red suit you perfectly~ You look amazing

    1. Thank you so much! ;u; <3

      I used to despise wearing red and blue but now I think I like it on me more than other colours- still Pink and white will always be perfection though~ :') <3

  3. So I'm not the only one with health issues atm! I've been ill since January and the doctors haven't helped at all so far >.< I hope we'll be healthier in the future haha!

    Eeeek I knew you'd look amazing in that dress! Your use of red is perfect <3 I'm not sure that I'll be able to make the picnic yet. Sundays can be a bit awkward for me, as I'll need to make sure I can get a lift down from uni. No idea what I'll wear if I do go!

    I hope you have fun seeing Kyary ^__^

    1. Awww, I'm sorry to hear about your illness! ;n;
      I agree the doctors have been no help, I swear its actually worsened it since I had to get out of bed just to go to a room full of other ill people @n@

      I agree, I hope we'll be healthier soon enough :')

      And thank you so much ;u;
      I hope you can attend, especially after all your talk about a picnic meet~ ; )
      I agree Sundays are a little odd, but hopefully you, and everyone else can attend!
      And I'm sure whatever you wear (if you do go) you'll rock. <3

      And thank you, I can't wait to see her! ;u;

  4. " I hope you stay tuned for any big announcements I may have."
    I'll be. o/ I'm always late to comment but I always comment when I have time. And I don't know what is Kyary's concert. UEHEUEHEUEHUE
    Oh, I think you should go to the doctor if you're sick yet. But don't worry because many people has a bad period in the health. I've had a period that I even got depression because I was always weak and sick. .( Anyway I could overcome. I really liked your outfit besides when I look at the flower it reminds me a mexican woman. I wonder why. lol