Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to put together a simple lolita co-ord

Today I'd like to tell you about how I put together a basic Lolita co-ordinate. Please bear in mind there are many other Lolita's out there and they all have their own unique way of creating a simple co-ordinate, This is only my preferred way in doing so.

I like to first of all pick whether or not I will be wearing a skirt, a one piece, or a jumper skirt.

Main: -Skirt: For today I will pick a simple IW skirt. Though an one peice or Jumperskirt its just as easy to co-ordinate as a skirt.

Shoes: For this I'm just using some simple white Lolita shoes, although if you're going for a more casual look flats and Mary Jane's can be used instead for a toned down yet cute look.

Blouse: Not always applicable for an outfit, but for my skirt I need a top piece, I could use a Cute turtle neck, a cutsew, and various other things to wear with your co-ordinate.
For many who first start out Lolita, people will tend to have jsk and skirts as they are far cheaper than one piece's, to really make these outfits, you will rely on buying a nice cutsew or blouse usually.

Legs: Keeping your legs accessorised is also key to Lolita. An almost iconic view of a Lolita is a girl with a poofy skirt, knee high socks and bows in her hair. I'll be wearing white rabbit tights to balance out the white in the skirt and give it a more elegant and pale look.

Head accessories:- This step is in my opinion very important. A head accessory helps you to balance out the co-ord and gives the outfit the boost it needs. I will be wearing my pink flower crown. I think its simple yet cute floral look adds to the sweet but lady like look.

Bloomers: Not an essential item, but I feel it makes the whole outfit complete, seeing as I feel like Lolita is something someone does for themselves and not anyone else, I like bloomers as I feel they constantly remind me of this, that they make me feel happy and confident and no one else has to know. I won't be providing a picture of my bloomers but they're pink to match my theme~

Wig: Again a non essential item, but perfect if like me you have untameable hair or are just to lazy to style it for anything, wigs look super cute and can radically change your look in seconds without commitment (and also keeps your head snug in the winter months)

Bag: If you're going to a meet up how would you keep your camera close at hand? I love Lolita bags, and can turn a good outfit into an amazing one. For this co-ord I'm going to have to be sneaky and just use my favourite bag, its simple a cute and matches the theme (in a way).

Accessories: You can add as many or as little of these as you'd like to your co-ord. I personally don't like to over do it with accessories, though a couple which match your theme, or colour or motif way can really make an outfit pop.

I tend to stick with two colour themes when it comes to a Lolita outfit. I adore pink x White outfits so That's what I'll be arranging to show you. Choose your own colours for your own co-ord but I believe that having co-ordinating colours are essential for Lolita.

Also for the seasons alternate what you include, for winter add a cute little coat and scarf, and for summer maybe just frilly ankle socks and a short sleeved blouse, adjusting the outfit for each season is both efficient for you and can give a whole new spin to an outfit.

Here is my example for a Lolita co-ordinate!~

 Here is the basic co-ord laid out
 Here's an up close image of the print~
(Dolce skirt- IW)

Close up on bag (BTSSB heart bag PinkxWhite)
Shoes up close (Secret shop)
 Head gear choice, Beret or Flower crown?
Here is the outfit when on (sorry I couldn't quite get the shoes or tights into the pictures, my tripod is broken so apologies)

(I laid out the outfit with a chiffon blouse but it was far too see through to wear with a skirt so I changed it to an old but very cute John Rocha shirt, which shows you can use anything as long as it matches with your co-ord, even your average t-shirt)

I mean this as a layout as what to include, but remember its only how I sort out my own outfits, everyone has their own preference to doing it, I hope this helps you come up with your own way to create your own outfits according to your style!

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  1. This co-ord is so lovely, you look so pretty!~

    1. Thank you!~

      All you co-ords are beautiful though~ <3

  2. Omgf, what a cute outfit! *-* I liked this post a lot because I'm starting in lolita's world and I could observe some differences between concepts in lolita I see in some Brazilians and your concept. I liked your ideia of wearing a way to feel confortable without getting out of outfit's matching. And God, what is this perfect bag? XD Well, finally, I just disagree in a point "I could use a Cute turtle neck, a cutsew" NO WAY to wear a cutsew in Brazil on Summer. JAJAJAJA. Just if you want to become a cute butter.
    Hug and cactus. o/

    1. Thank you ;u;

      I think that lolita's all seem to express themselves differently depending on where they are :')
      I think there is a difference with western Lolita's and Japanese lolita's. Not in a bad way though, I just feel the way they co-ordinate things is differently.

      And gosh, a turtle neck in your weather would be unbearable, maybe fir holidays away to a cold place? :')
      As I said adjust things to your style and climate, I wouldn't expect people from tropical countries to layer up as much as lolita's from say Nordic countries.

      And which bag do you mean? :)