Sunday, 2 March 2014

Circle lense Review:I-DollsUK~EOS Candy Series

I-DollsUK is a UK based online store which specialises in circle lenses. They have a wide and beautiful selection of circle lenses and coloured lenses in their store for reasonable prices.

Just like before (I
f You've read my previous I-DollsUK Review), the store owner helped me find the right lenses for me and gave me advice. I truly love this store, their service is always outstanding and extremely helpful.

This time I chose the Eos Candy series in Grey, I wanted something with a darker effect on my eye but sadly It mostly blended in with my eye, you can really only see the detail of the Black rim, but that's my own fault for picking lenses which were the same colour as my eye. This are very subtle and would suit a very casual look.

 (Pre worn photo's)


(Worn pictures)

 The details of the contact lenses are very subtle and the grey blends in with my own eye colour

Review summary! 

Shipping: 5/5 - Arrived the very next day. Always super quick shipping and always arrives in perfect condition.

Product: 5/5 - Really nice quality, and a really deep colour. I chose a simple black but the up close details are really pretty. Once again they were easy to get in and out of my eyes.

Price: 5/5 -  They're really cheap for quality lenses. Not only that you don't have to pay tones on Shipping since its a UK based store.

Over all: A really wonderful product and seller. Always fast shipment, easy to access and talk to the seller and great prices. I whole heartedly recommend this seller to anyone interested in starting to wear circle lenses or even circle lenses pro's.

You can visit the I-DollsUK facebook page here

Comment below if you have any questions ö◡ö ✿

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Thank you all so much for checking out this review! <3

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  1. Those lenses gave you a natural dolly eye look! Very cute. I really like to see reviews from people who have light eyes as well to help me pick a suitable model, so thank you ^o^

    1. Thank you! I think these lenses suit me far better than the last ones I reviewed, as much as I loved the design on the blue pair, I love the Eos Candy series, I want to get my hands on some pink ones.

      I'm glad you liked the review, hopefully I'll be able to afford another pair soon to review~ :)

  2. I think the difference was your eyes got bigger. õo I'm very afraid of using circle lenses but I'd like to try green even though I don't know if it can add up in my eyes.

    1. They should give a larger appearance to my eyes, but I have odd eyes so its not so visible~

      They should be fine if you find a good water ratio, a trusted seller and lok after them :')

      And Green contacts would really suit you~ <3