Monday, 24 March 2014

Berkshire lolita's March spring time meet up!


For the last few weeks I've been extremely ill but despite being ill I've still been determined to upload a post at least once a week no matter how sickly I feel! I've had to put of doing review posts because of the sickness but hopefully I'll be able to take some proper worn photo's this week to give you guys some cute reviews! <3
But without further ado, Lets talk about the Berkshire Lolita March Meet!

I was extremely un-organised for this meet. I hadn't planned an outfit at all and I wasn't packed in the morning, I was quite a state~ UuU;
I even switched in between two dull outfits for this meet. A Golden/ Red Dress at first, but then I choose to stick with my super lazy college black lolita dress.

(I just went for the black dress in the end, I was so lazy with my outfit so apologies)

We (me and my sister) were already running late for the station when we finally caught up with Another Berkshire loli. We managed to get on the same train though since our train was delayed (thank the frilly gods). The journey was an interesting one though, This odd old man stood up in front of us and stared at us till he left the train, which was odd since their was a seat but he choose to just look gormlessly at us.

(Me and my sister all dressed up)

That aside we all managed to get there okay, we even managed to bask in the sunlight whilst on the way to the park for photo's. The park was really springing into life, all the flowers were blooming and their were blossoms in the tree. It was so scenic and made an adorable background for pictures, although for a lot of the time the sun shone into our eyes so taking pictures was unbearable


After taking lots of picture of ducks, flowers, and each other. and after various odd requests for photo's (including a YMCA pose?) We headed off to out booked meal at Wagamama's.

I was extremely looking forward to some yummy saien soba at Wagamama's, The one I had at the meet was possibly the best saien soba I had ever tasted! <3
It was so yummy, and the broth was beyond perfect. And with extra tofu it just made my day.

Shalisa (Teacake Time Machine) Also organised an amazing little lolita quiz for us all.
The questions were super hard for me and I only managed to get 4.5 marks out of 10 in the end. But it was a super fun activity, and simply shows I need to study more into lolita fashion.~
I did write many joke answers though since I was clueless to a few. Can you guys spot which ones are the joke ones?

We managed to sneak in a quick trip to Claire's accessories, which like usual had a large display of sale items. I couldn't resist buying a gaudy bunny ring, and a black cross ring. The bunny ring was like 98% not my style, but he looked so sad since everyone who picked him up only laughed at him I get sad over unloved items and brought it, although I guess I can wear it to the Easter meet its still a silly ring but a little silly can't hurt, right?

We went on to Mr chips later on, A fish and chip shop which sells various different bubble tea. Although its an odd combination most of us frillies went in and brought lots of bubble tea, I brought myself Taro flavour with plain tapioca balls.~

We lastly went on to Primark, although we got lost inside and managed to get separated into two groups, though it was a great laugh! Later on I managed to find this sophisticated buy, I sadly didn't have enough to buy him but he was certainly the most handsome pillow I've seen, especially in Primark.

After the meet was over me and my sister were treated by our mother and received a bag full of yummy goodness from Patisserie Valerie. We got 4 cakes: two strawberry gateau's, one chocolate mouse cake, and one lemon cheesecake. As well as that we got 2 pistachio macrons for myself and my sister. 

The day was amazing, it was great to see so many lovely familiar faces and new ones!~ I can't wait to see everyone again, I'll certainly be dressed better for the next meet!~
I hope you've enjoyed this blog post!
Thank you all for reading, stay tuned for more soon! <3

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  1. Eeek such a cute post! I love how everyone's photos came out looking so picturesque (I still can't believe there were even ducks just chillin' in the pond!) It makes me really look forward to meetups in warmer weather :)
    You're so lucky you got a load of stuff from Patisserie Valerie! I always just gawp at the window display before deciding to walk away XD
    It was really lovely to see you again! Every time I remember us pretending to be the woman barging her way into the chip shop I get the giggles <3

    1. Thank you ;u; <3
      I feel so sleepy I can barely remember what I've even wrote (opps)
      I don't think my photo's are particularly nice, yours came out as nicely as everyone else's though :')

      And yeah, me too, I guess even ducks go on holiday though? And yeah same, I can't wait for when we can all stand outside without freezing :')

      and I have to share them with my family, so I got a cake slice and a tiny macaroon, but they all look so pretty altogether in a box!~ :')

      and that's exactly what I've done every single other time I've stood outside patisserie Valerie >u<, they're too expsensive to eat all the time. I think I've had my allowed fill for the next 10 years! ;u;

      Aww, thank you, it was lovely to see you again too, thanks for arranging such a wonderful meet up!
      and yeah same, seriously it was my highlight of the day but I thought it would be a little bit odd to post, still it was so perfect!!! "Mah baybeh needs chips!!!!" <3

  2. I'm sorry to hear you've been so ill, I hope you feel a bit better soon!
    Your outfit for the meet is really cute, and what a lovely location for photos!

    1. Thank you~ I'm on the slow road to full recovery <3

      And thank you, though it was extremely lazy off me, and I know right? I was just lucky that the flowers were all in bloom, everyone looked stunning and the blossoms just highlighted that.