Saturday, 8 March 2014

2014 February Lolita wardobe post~

I hope you're all having a lovely day! My wardrobe was becoming cluttered, so I've finally decided to sort through, clean, and make a wardrobe post! I've lost a few of my items weirdly enough, mostly socks, which worries me because they're still in their packaging and losing £20 socks is never fun but hopefully they'll turn up. I've also only showed a handful of my accessories because I have so many which are pretty much the same sort of thing (e.g Pearl necklaces, pink beaded bracelet, pink bows etc)
I hope that just showing you the basics of my wardrobe post will do, I have a very small wardrobe since I've not been a Lolita long but I hope my collection will blossom with me through this fashion. 


                 (Left to right- Ap, Btssb. Below- Btssb, Ap)        (Left to right- Ap, Btssb)
 (Loris, Primark, Handmade)

 (Bodyline, Bodyline, Bodyline, GL&P, Off brand)
(Bodyline, Secret shop, Off brand, Bodyline, Off brand)
(Ebay, Classical puppets)
                       (M&S, John Rocha, John Rocha)  (Off brand, Off brand, Bodyline)

 (Off brand, Off brand)

(Off brand, Off brand)


(Left to right- Tralalala, Offbrand, Offbrand. Below- Bttsb)
 (Faux)Fur scarfs
(Off brand, Off brand)
One pieces

(Emily Temple Cute- ETC)

Jumper skirts

(Btssb-Left, Ap- Right, Ap- Below)

Off brand jumper skirts
(Iw-Left, Off brand- Right)

 Casual/rockabilly dress
(Off brand)


Straw hats and Berets
 (All off brand)




(Hair accessories)

(Lace collar)

(Wrist cuffs)

(Hello kitty glasses- OTT styles)

(Vintage gloves)



(Head bows- Off brand, AP, BTSSB)
(Hair bands)

(Clip in hair bows)
(Flower crowns and follower hair ribbons)

 ( Iw- Left, Ap- Right, Meta- Below)

Thanks for reading, I know it's been long delayed, I hope you all appreciate me tearing out my closet for you, I hope to compare this post to the end of the years wardrobe, which I hope will be fuller and prettier.

Thank you so much for reading! See you all soon~
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  1. You have a lovely lolita collection :) I'd love to see you in the ETC op. It looks so bright and cheerful! Plus I love anything that has a bit of a retro feel to it :3

    1. Thank you ;u;
      I'm thinking of wearing the Op at the next meet but as you can tell I don't really have anything I could obviously co-ordinate it with~

      And I knew you would like something with a retro feel, I feel that you've converted me to love a more retro themed Lolita~ :')

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I cold seriously improve though! <3 :)

  3. amazing wardrobe, is so kawaii can't wait to see what you pick for the meet, two weeks now ^_^ xxx

    1. Thank you Taylor ;u;
      I have no clue yet, I can't wait to see everyone's outfits <3

      I might try to go with an Easter theme, you?

    2. Thinking of going kawaii this time with bodyline's carousel jsk ^_^

    3. Ohh, it will look so lovely to see you in something so colourful since the last two meets you've worn very elegant and classic dresses~

      I can't wait to see your full outfit! I hope you'll be doing another video soon <3

  4. Wow I wish I had such a cute wardrobe! I just can't afford it >_<

    1. Thank you ;u;
      I'm a real frugal person, I spend very little on things but j-fashion has made me a little less tight on the pocket, most my things like blouses, cost me from £1-£5, and I've never spent over £99 for anything in my wardrobe~ :')

      and I'm sure your wardrobe is even cuter <3