Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Roxie sweetheart Review: Neon, rainbows and bows

Roxie sweetheart is an adorable UK based store which is vibrant and unique. This store can cater
from cyber goths to sweet Lolita's, its style range is as wide as the store's contents.
I've really loved and admired this store for years now, even before I was interested in j-fashion. Roxie sweetheart is a creative and cute store which continues to make individual and quality pieces with a kawaii twist.

I brought from her last year and straight away I wanted to review her products ,but sadly I didn't have the confidence to start a blog. So despite the long wait I'll finally get round to reviewing these adorable items!

 (Sadly I don't know the name of this necklace and it appears to be sold out on the store, though they have many similar beautiful necklaces!)
 Roxie girl ring (£4) Buy it here
(I also received a free Roxie girl badge with my purchase)
 Here are both the items on me,
even though they don't match one another they're so adorable!

Review summary!

Shipping: N/A -I brought these items at the London mcm expo so there was no shipping fee.

product: 5/5 - The quality of these items in amazing, and the little heart with the stores name on still impresses me to this day. I've almost had these for a year now, I've taken them across this country, and abroad on many occasions and I've still not got a single scratch or dent in either products (and I'm not careful with items).

Price: 4/5 - The price is a little steep to just randomly buy in my opinion, but you pay for what you get, a beautiful and good quality product, just not something I could afford everyday but everyone should definitely at least but something from this store.

Over all: Its a shame you couldn't all see the original bag she gave me, not only were both items beautifully wrapped, they were also in a cute striped pink bag with a free Roxie sweetheart badge and with the A5 card With the stores mascot. The whole store is absolutely amazing and is a inspiration for all who love cute and kawaii things!

You can visit the Roxie Sweeheart facebook page here

You can visit her online store here

You can visit her BlogSpot here

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Thank you all so much for checking out this review! <3

Bye guys <3

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