Saturday, 8 February 2014

London trip + london haul~

Today I ventured once again on a journey to London with my family, Today fully kitted out in my newest main addition to my Lolita collection, an ivory skirt with gold crown motifs.

Even though I have a picture of me wearing it on the day, its not really considered a Lolita outfit in my opinion as I've only just introduced my father to the fashion, so only a small petticoat, no major accessories. In time I hope to wear full co-ordinate around him but for now I'll show him my more toned down side.

We started the day taking a longer route to Trafalgar square than usual, We went the longer way from waterloo bridge, though I didn't mind seeing as it allowed be to take pictures of the war monument.

When I went to London they were still celebrating the Chinese new year, there were so many people around and in china town so it was super hard to get around the Soho area. But the decorations were so very pretty, and there were loads of people dressed up, it was breath taking~

 I sadly though didn't initially go to china town for the cultured (sorry), But for the cute Asian accessories. I wanted so many plushies it was unreal. I almost brought another large alpaca but seeing as I've already brought one recently I held back. I still brought a few cute things from the shops.

(Here is some of the cute stuff available)
 Around the corner I managed to convince my father to buy me some bubble tea.
I managed to snag Matcha flavour (yum) with passion fruit balls and (of course) tapioca.
 We finally headed to The British museum on my fathers request. Although I'm more interested in modern history opposed to my sister who loves ancient. I did enjoy the roman and Greek sections, with their elegant and beautiful sculptures.

I especially loved this golden wreath, it was so beautiful (I could definitely see me co-coordinating in an outfit....) Its so strange to think its thousands of  years old. Its hard to imagine those golden leaves have been shimmering longer than I was a twinkle in my parents eyes.

The books were my favourite part of the whole museum, they even had Wedgewood plates and cameo's just beside these bookcases but I began to loose charge on my camera drastically, So sadly no pictures of the Cameos etc. Although both the books and clay work were stunning, its not what you tend to picture when you think of the British museum but I guess I was content with this small section. This was the most relaxing section and my all time favourite.


Here is what I ended up buying from China town in the end.
A cute motivational sticker, a cute little book, Hello kitty chop sticks, a little bear comb, and a Hello kitty card holder.

I love going to the stalls in china town although I'm sure my purse doesn't. I need to save up for hyper japan in summer so I can buy a few ap dresses, snow whip case in white is my current target. Although, I've been shopping in northern Ireland this weekend and shall be going London next week that I don't know when to even begin saving up, especially with so many meets, holidays, and general purchases online and offline. I'll be putting £10 at least to start saving up (or at least in theory)

I should be uploading my purchases from Ireland post, my 2014 wardrobe post, my Sugar trampoline review and my next London trip all in the next week or so, so please stay tuned for that~!

Sorry for the fairly dull post for this week but its been a busy time, luckily with the college break in a few days I'll be able to upload proper posts.

Have funnnn~ xxxx

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