Monday, 3 February 2014

Lolita meet + Week haul~


On Saturday I once again set out to meet with the girls of my local Lolita community. Although the day was cold and damp we braved the outside world for our first meet of the year.

I was still uncertain of my outfit the day if the actual meet, I was sat on my bed trying to come up with an idea for an outfit till an hour before I set off, it just goes to show how unorganised I am.

Pre meet selfy~

When on the way to the meet I met up with two to other Lolitas on the journey beside myself and my sister, which was super good for me as it prevented me getting lost on actually meeting the girls.

Everyone looked lovely and After we had all grouped together we headed to take some photo's in the local park despite the windy and drab weather. And despite the cold temperature it was really sunny and beautiful, especially when we all took the photo's.

I also got to pick up the item one of the lovely lolis made. Although it was a barrette I was being silly and was extremely picky asking it to be turned into a broach as well as its hair clip features.


(The broach I brought of Shalisa's store Sugar trampoline, Her Blogger link is here, and her store envy link is here)

After a walk into the shopping center where we congregated around wittard of Chelsea and Claire's accessories, we began to make our way to the restaurant.
It was an amazing day out, although the service at tampopo wasn't the best and the cheeky server trying to get us all to tip them it was an amazing day, Everyone was as lovely as ever and it was great to see some familiar faces and some new ones. I cant wait till the next meet~

Aside from the meet this week I've also picked up a few goodies.


I brought these hair bands at Claire's accessories for £1 each, They're was so much cute cheap stuff I wanted but I severely had to restrict myself.

I also managed to finally grab hold of kamikaze girls in CEX. Despite already watching this movie more than just a few times I've been desperate to grab hold of this movie without costing an arm and a leg so I was hugely relieved and excited to find this for only £4.50

And lastly my Kyarry Pamyu Pamyu tickets arrived (don't mind the details being covered with roses....)
I also Received a parcel full of Lolita goodies this week too which shall have a post too, as well as a London trip and haul post.~

I hope I didn't bore you all to death~ <3
I hope January was a super good month for you all, and that the year will be even better for you all~

Be happy and handsome~ xxx

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