Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Roxie sweetheart Review: Neon, rainbows and bows

Roxie sweetheart is an adorable UK based store which is vibrant and unique. This store can cater
from cyber goths to sweet Lolita's, its style range is as wide as the store's contents.
I've really loved and admired this store for years now, even before I was interested in j-fashion. Roxie sweetheart is a creative and cute store which continues to make individual and quality pieces with a kawaii twist.

I brought from her last year and straight away I wanted to review her products ,but sadly I didn't have the confidence to start a blog. So despite the long wait I'll finally get round to reviewing these adorable items!

 (Sadly I don't know the name of this necklace and it appears to be sold out on the store, though they have many similar beautiful necklaces!)
 Roxie girl ring (£4) Buy it here
(I also received a free Roxie girl badge with my purchase)
 Here are both the items on me,
even though they don't match one another they're so adorable!

Review summary!

Shipping: N/A -I brought these items at the London mcm expo so there was no shipping fee.

product: 5/5 - The quality of these items in amazing, and the little heart with the stores name on still impresses me to this day. I've almost had these for a year now, I've taken them across this country, and abroad on many occasions and I've still not got a single scratch or dent in either products (and I'm not careful with items).

Price: 4/5 - The price is a little steep to just randomly buy in my opinion, but you pay for what you get, a beautiful and good quality product, just not something I could afford everyday but everyone should definitely at least but something from this store.

Over all: Its a shame you couldn't all see the original bag she gave me, not only were both items beautifully wrapped, they were also in a cute striped pink bag with a free Roxie sweetheart badge and with the A5 card With the stores mascot. The whole store is absolutely amazing and is a inspiration for all who love cute and kawaii things!

You can visit the Roxie Sweeheart facebook page here

You can visit her online store here

You can visit her BlogSpot here

Previous review: Sugar Trampoline

Thank you all so much for checking out this review! <3

Bye guys <3

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sugar trampoline review:- Cute home made accesories!

After weeks of struggling to find the charger for my camera I've finally been able to charge my camera and begin to take lots of photo's again, which means lots of reviews and posts to come! (I'm unsure if you should be overwhelmed with joy or fear?)

I'm finally able to present to you a review of a really cute shop run by fellow blogger, the lovely Teacake Time machine. Her store is based within the UK and is full to the brim with cute home made goodies. She too is part of the Kawaii-B UK Project so I look forward to working with her in the future!

I purchased the Flower Ribbon Pink Canotier from her, and oh my I fell in love with this product as soon as I saw it. I did have to internally wrestle with myself though, there were so many lovely products I wanted, but with a meet coming up I had to save money for fairs and food for the day, so I finally settled with the barrette.

It was a tough descision between these two but the pink berrette won!

Anyway, here is the super cute packaging!
Here is the super cute Business card, sadly its on my super dull door right now, but at least the cute design brightens up its appearance!
Here are some pictures of it worn (sorry for the derping)


Review summary!

Shipping: N/A -Because I collected this product at a meet, so I cannot comment personally on the shipping.

product: 5/5 - I truly love this so much, I try to put it with everything I wear these days, and the fact she turned it into a broach for me meant I can co-ordinate it better.

Over all: I really love this store, I'm so lucky to personally know the lovely store owner and I can't wait to buy more from her in the future!

Here is a link to the sugar trampoline Store: Here

Here is a link to the sugar trampoline Facebook page: Here

Previous review: LoveJojo Review
Also you can the sugar trampoline stall at the Reading vintage fair from 12-5 on the 2nd of march 2014. If anyone is lucky enough to be in the area at the time you should definitely check it out. I hope I'll be lucky enough to go visit her stall and buy some more goodies from her.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

Bye guys!

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Exciting New collaboration~ Kawaii-B UK


Heya lovelies, Today I've got some extremely amazing news for you all. I have been lucky enough to be able to become a part of a very interesting project for fans of all things cute!

Myself and many other girls have come together as part of a new exciting collaboration for kawaii enthusiasts in the UK. This project is called Kawaii-B UK. I will be Writing blog articles and reviews etc for its blog as well as others, and help spread the word of kawaii culture across the United kingdom and hopefully maybe even the world.

I'm ecstatic about the news, as the project is already going so well and with so many girls loving every aspect of kawaii the project will be diverse and highly interesting. Although I will continue posting more things onto this blog such as Weekly hauls and meet info etc, I will be posting more things like concert, expo, reviews and tutorials on either the new kawaii-B blog or a mix of both blogs.

Many well known and loved girls will be taking part in this collaboration, Even though I feel like I have very little to offer I hope that I'll learn for the blogging styles of others and I hope I learn from this entire experience.

I hope you will all stay tuned for Kawaii-B and even if you're not from the uk I hope you'll become inspired and enjoy this just as much as we will.

I feel like that over time thanks to blogs, vlogs, songs, magazines, books, films etc it has shaped my style over time, so I can't wait to see how Kawaii-B Will influence me!
Also tomorrow I'll be heading to the V&A museum so hopefully I'll get something exciting to blog about or atleast influence me. I'll see you all soon guys!

Stay happy and frilly! <3

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And here is the brand new link to the Kawaii-B UK Blog!


Saturday, 8 February 2014

London trip + london haul~

Today I ventured once again on a journey to London with my family, Today fully kitted out in my newest main addition to my Lolita collection, an ivory skirt with gold crown motifs.

Even though I have a picture of me wearing it on the day, its not really considered a Lolita outfit in my opinion as I've only just introduced my father to the fashion, so only a small petticoat, no major accessories. In time I hope to wear full co-ordinate around him but for now I'll show him my more toned down side.

We started the day taking a longer route to Trafalgar square than usual, We went the longer way from waterloo bridge, though I didn't mind seeing as it allowed be to take pictures of the war monument.

When I went to London they were still celebrating the Chinese new year, there were so many people around and in china town so it was super hard to get around the Soho area. But the decorations were so very pretty, and there were loads of people dressed up, it was breath taking~

 I sadly though didn't initially go to china town for the cultured (sorry), But for the cute Asian accessories. I wanted so many plushies it was unreal. I almost brought another large alpaca but seeing as I've already brought one recently I held back. I still brought a few cute things from the shops.

(Here is some of the cute stuff available)
 Around the corner I managed to convince my father to buy me some bubble tea.
I managed to snag Matcha flavour (yum) with passion fruit balls and (of course) tapioca.
 We finally headed to The British museum on my fathers request. Although I'm more interested in modern history opposed to my sister who loves ancient. I did enjoy the roman and Greek sections, with their elegant and beautiful sculptures.

I especially loved this golden wreath, it was so beautiful (I could definitely see me co-coordinating in an outfit....) Its so strange to think its thousands of  years old. Its hard to imagine those golden leaves have been shimmering longer than I was a twinkle in my parents eyes.

The books were my favourite part of the whole museum, they even had Wedgewood plates and cameo's just beside these bookcases but I began to loose charge on my camera drastically, So sadly no pictures of the Cameos etc. Although both the books and clay work were stunning, its not what you tend to picture when you think of the British museum but I guess I was content with this small section. This was the most relaxing section and my all time favourite.


Here is what I ended up buying from China town in the end.
A cute motivational sticker, a cute little book, Hello kitty chop sticks, a little bear comb, and a Hello kitty card holder.

I love going to the stalls in china town although I'm sure my purse doesn't. I need to save up for hyper japan in summer so I can buy a few ap dresses, snow whip case in white is my current target. Although, I've been shopping in northern Ireland this weekend and shall be going London next week that I don't know when to even begin saving up, especially with so many meets, holidays, and general purchases online and offline. I'll be putting £10 at least to start saving up (or at least in theory)

I should be uploading my purchases from Ireland post, my 2014 wardrobe post, my Sugar trampoline review and my next London trip all in the next week or so, so please stay tuned for that~!

Sorry for the fairly dull post for this week but its been a busy time, luckily with the college break in a few days I'll be able to upload proper posts.

Have funnnn~ xxxx

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Lolita meet + Week haul~


On Saturday I once again set out to meet with the girls of my local Lolita community. Although the day was cold and damp we braved the outside world for our first meet of the year.

I was still uncertain of my outfit the day if the actual meet, I was sat on my bed trying to come up with an idea for an outfit till an hour before I set off, it just goes to show how unorganised I am.

Pre meet selfy~

When on the way to the meet I met up with two to other Lolitas on the journey beside myself and my sister, which was super good for me as it prevented me getting lost on actually meeting the girls.

Everyone looked lovely and After we had all grouped together we headed to take some photo's in the local park despite the windy and drab weather. And despite the cold temperature it was really sunny and beautiful, especially when we all took the photo's.

I also got to pick up the item one of the lovely lolis made. Although it was a barrette I was being silly and was extremely picky asking it to be turned into a broach as well as its hair clip features.


(The broach I brought of Shalisa's store Sugar trampoline, Her Blogger link is here, and her store envy link is here)

After a walk into the shopping center where we congregated around wittard of Chelsea and Claire's accessories, we began to make our way to the restaurant.
It was an amazing day out, although the service at tampopo wasn't the best and the cheeky server trying to get us all to tip them it was an amazing day, Everyone was as lovely as ever and it was great to see some familiar faces and some new ones. I cant wait till the next meet~

Aside from the meet this week I've also picked up a few goodies.


I brought these hair bands at Claire's accessories for £1 each, They're was so much cute cheap stuff I wanted but I severely had to restrict myself.

I also managed to finally grab hold of kamikaze girls in CEX. Despite already watching this movie more than just a few times I've been desperate to grab hold of this movie without costing an arm and a leg so I was hugely relieved and excited to find this for only £4.50

And lastly my Kyarry Pamyu Pamyu tickets arrived (don't mind the details being covered with roses....)
I also Received a parcel full of Lolita goodies this week too which shall have a post too, as well as a London trip and haul post.~

I hope I didn't bore you all to death~ <3
I hope January was a super good month for you all, and that the year will be even better for you all~

Be happy and handsome~ xxx

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