Sunday, 19 January 2014

Short london trip and weekly haul~

Yesterday I unexpectedly ended up in London With my sister and Father.

Due to there being a special deal right now on tickets to London, I'll be going both next weekend, and the weekend after, so think of this as the beginning of my London journey.

I knew that seeing as I was down for the day I should check out the Hyper japan pop up shop before it closes down. Hyper japan is my favourite event of the year so there was no chance I was going to miss out on the opportunity. Despite not buying anything it was a lovely experience. nothing was really my style, but everything was lovely and super cute.

The one thing which I really loved were the pixie bunny rabbit ears, but they weren't in my ideal colour, so I guess I'll wait till The actual event to purchase them.

I only brought two things in London. Some peach bubble gum as peach is my favourite fruit and its hard to come by things of its flavour near me. I also purchased some cute little Alice and wonder land themed stickers. They were so cute, my sister also brought another set of Alice themed stickers without even noticing.
I didn't buy a lot there but I seeing as I knew I was coming back I though it was best to wait to go to my favourite shops in London.

I also when in London, I saw a Lolita meet going on which I was invited to, but Declined on the basis of me thinking it was impossible for me to go London on such short notice. Which I found sort of funny seeing as I ended up going to London anyway, but I have a meet in two weeks anyway so I must not be greedy.~

Despite Not buying much in London I did get a few lovely things in the post this week.

My IW socks
and an off brand Beret


and lastly I received my love jojo parcel~

I have a review I'll be uploading soon for the lovejojo stuff so stay tuned for that! And I also have another I-dollsuk Circle lens review coming up too~

Also here are all the business cards of the week~

(from left to right)
Lovejojo, Domi&Silvie, PixieBunny

I hope you've all had a lovely week and that next weeks even lovelier!

Have fun xxx

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