Saturday, 4 January 2014

New year, Frozen and Life update!

New year, New blog (sort of).

Now that the new year is in full swing, I've really decided to have a massive clear out. I'm going to stick with the theme of white and pink elegant stuff this year for my room I promise! This includes me taking down all my old posters and giving them to friends and organising what I actually put on my wall. My cupcakes may go down, their tacky but they're also memories of running cake stalls with my friends (they may have to stay awhile longer..) ~♡

I've put up some pin boards and calendars so I have everything sorted and organised for the year!

Also I actually went to go see frozen, Finally! It was so beautiful and breath taking and gosh I loved all the characters! Elsa though is my personal favourite, She is very sweet, and acts mature be inside she just wants to be free and play.

I Plated my hair for the occasion, I also spiked up my fringe like Elsa but then its was a 100 on the scale of silly so I took it down (ノ*゜▽゜*)

I loved the movie to pieces, I've been singing all the songs (badly) for far too long so I'm happy that I've finally been able to Sit in the cinema to watch it, though I really did have to hold back singing a whole awful lot, and gave up every now and then (I'm sure no one noticed....).

I've also started to fall in love with Hime gyaru, which is very bad because its hard enough to fund my adoration of Lolita let alone another style. Though I guess I'll see throughout the year if I actually do anything about my new found love.

I'm thinking of changing my hair colour, I want something natural but I'm willing to even do a light-ish brown/blonde? Milktea is my favourite hair colour but I've only ever had dark brown and black so Right now I'm deciding. If any of you guys have any suggestions on colours or hair dye the please let me know below!
I also have some products to review and a wardrobe post on its way so I can compare my wardrobe from the start of 2014 till the end of it!
Right now though I'm having to battle teddies and odd shoes and broken hair dryers in my room. Hopefully both my room and me will under go a beautiful transformation this year, though its more likely to just be my room!

(looking perfectly harmless, two of many shoes waiting to be sorted)

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