Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lovejojo Review- Alpacas, And squishies

Lovejojo is a online shop which specialises in everything cute. It's my number one place to buy alpacas, and tiny squishies. I've purchased from them in person at conventions but I'd never brought from their online shop before.

It was super easy to buy from them and I was amazed at the service.

I brought from them when they had a sale on which meant the prices were even better than usual, the sale is still on too!

Cute pink packaging
(sorry for the bad quality I had to take this on my 3ds)

This was the lovely lovejojo business card~

The first two squishes (the toast and the Hello kitty)
were the two I ordered, the pink rilakkuma was a free gift!

 The purple one was the one I received in the package,
and the white one is my older Love jojo one!

My order only came to the total of £31 with shipping included, a large arpakasso, Two squishy buns, a love jojo business card, and a free squishy, a design I've been wanting for years, and in my favourite colour too!

I'm so blown away by lovejojo, I couldn't recommend them enough. I can't wait to both purchase from them again in person and online!

Review summary!

Shipping: 5/5 - Amazingly cheap for such a large parcel, arrived extremely quickly and in perfect condition

product: 5/5 - Everything was just as described, there were no flaws in any of the products, all the colours were vibrant and just perfect as a whole.

Seller: 5/5 - lovejojo have never let me down in price, quality or service before. And this time was no exception, Amazing seller.

Over all: Love jojo is a staple shop for me, I brought my first alpaca from them too, I can always rely on their products being genuine and in top condition. I'm glad I finally got to purchase from them online and I hope to buy from them again very soon.

The store: Lovejojo

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