Sunday, 12 January 2014

AP and IW haul and Life update

This week has been a fairly dull one on a whole. I Started college again for the year and had a few re-arrangements of my time table, but that's as exciting as it gets. I then got ill for a few days (attendance in the new year off to a great start), Also my mock exams are now in full swing, and I lost my camera making reviews impossible.

Despite the dull and boring Week, I did have a few exciting parcels.

IW Dolce Skirt
I've been in love with this skirt for a few months now so I'm glad to say it is now a part of my closet!

I also received Two IW socks aswell.

Glitter seraphim Otk's BrownxPink

IW wide lace socks Black

And lastly I received a pair of AP socks.

They were in PinkxPink
(I couldn't fins a picture in my colour way and my camera is lost in my room, I will update with my own pic once my camera is found)

I'm actually rather sad about this one. These are my dream socks, but I though I brought them in PinkxWhite (like pictured) but I didn't, the lighting of the picture made me believe this, I actually purchased PinkxPink. Their lovely but obviously not what I was looking for.

I received a few more things, a blue ap bento bag, and a pair of sweetie chandelier otks in blue, but that was last week, but I thought I might as well mention them here.
Also, I've tried experimenting with my style the last few days. Yesterday I did a 50's influenced co-ord. due to lack of my camera I couldn't take a full body snap, but I took a picture of my styled wig.

What do you guys think? Can beehives work in Lolita, or should they stick being a staple in Hime gyaru etc.
Hopefully in a few days I'll find my camera and finally be able to post my love jojo review.
Till then I hope you're all having a wonderful start to your year!
Stay happy and beautiful princesses!

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