Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lovejojo Review- Alpacas, And squishies

Lovejojo is a online shop which specialises in everything cute. It's my number one place to buy alpacas, and tiny squishies. I've purchased from them in person at conventions but I'd never brought from their online shop before.

It was super easy to buy from them and I was amazed at the service.

I brought from them when they had a sale on which meant the prices were even better than usual, the sale is still on too!

Cute pink packaging
(sorry for the bad quality I had to take this on my 3ds)

This was the lovely lovejojo business card~

The first two squishes (the toast and the Hello kitty)
were the two I ordered, the pink rilakkuma was a free gift!

 The purple one was the one I received in the package,
and the white one is my older Love jojo one!

My order only came to the total of £31 with shipping included, a large arpakasso, Two squishy buns, a love jojo business card, and a free squishy, a design I've been wanting for years, and in my favourite colour too!

I'm so blown away by lovejojo, I couldn't recommend them enough. I can't wait to both purchase from them again in person and online!

Review summary!

Shipping: 5/5 - Amazingly cheap for such a large parcel, arrived extremely quickly and in perfect condition

product: 5/5 - Everything was just as described, there were no flaws in any of the products, all the colours were vibrant and just perfect as a whole.

Seller: 5/5 - lovejojo have never let me down in price, quality or service before. And this time was no exception, Amazing seller.

Over all: Love jojo is a staple shop for me, I brought my first alpaca from them too, I can always rely on their products being genuine and in top condition. I'm glad I finally got to purchase from them online and I hope to buy from them again very soon.

The store: Lovejojo

Previous review: Grumpy cat hoodie

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Short london trip and weekly haul~

Yesterday I unexpectedly ended up in London With my sister and Father.

Due to there being a special deal right now on tickets to London, I'll be going both next weekend, and the weekend after, so think of this as the beginning of my London journey.

I knew that seeing as I was down for the day I should check out the Hyper japan pop up shop before it closes down. Hyper japan is my favourite event of the year so there was no chance I was going to miss out on the opportunity. Despite not buying anything it was a lovely experience. nothing was really my style, but everything was lovely and super cute.

The one thing which I really loved were the pixie bunny rabbit ears, but they weren't in my ideal colour, so I guess I'll wait till The actual event to purchase them.

I only brought two things in London. Some peach bubble gum as peach is my favourite fruit and its hard to come by things of its flavour near me. I also purchased some cute little Alice and wonder land themed stickers. They were so cute, my sister also brought another set of Alice themed stickers without even noticing.
I didn't buy a lot there but I seeing as I knew I was coming back I though it was best to wait to go to my favourite shops in London.

I also when in London, I saw a Lolita meet going on which I was invited to, but Declined on the basis of me thinking it was impossible for me to go London on such short notice. Which I found sort of funny seeing as I ended up going to London anyway, but I have a meet in two weeks anyway so I must not be greedy.~

Despite Not buying much in London I did get a few lovely things in the post this week.

My IW socks
and an off brand Beret


and lastly I received my love jojo parcel~

I have a review I'll be uploading soon for the lovejojo stuff so stay tuned for that! And I also have another I-dollsuk Circle lens review coming up too~

Also here are all the business cards of the week~

(from left to right)
Lovejojo, Domi&Silvie, PixieBunny

I hope you've all had a lovely week and that next weeks even lovelier!

Have fun xxx

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

AP and IW haul and Life update

This week has been a fairly dull one on a whole. I Started college again for the year and had a few re-arrangements of my time table, but that's as exciting as it gets. I then got ill for a few days (attendance in the new year off to a great start), Also my mock exams are now in full swing, and I lost my camera making reviews impossible.

Despite the dull and boring Week, I did have a few exciting parcels.

IW Dolce Skirt
I've been in love with this skirt for a few months now so I'm glad to say it is now a part of my closet!

I also received Two IW socks aswell.

Glitter seraphim Otk's BrownxPink

IW wide lace socks Black

And lastly I received a pair of AP socks.

They were in PinkxPink
(I couldn't fins a picture in my colour way and my camera is lost in my room, I will update with my own pic once my camera is found)

I'm actually rather sad about this one. These are my dream socks, but I though I brought them in PinkxWhite (like pictured) but I didn't, the lighting of the picture made me believe this, I actually purchased PinkxPink. Their lovely but obviously not what I was looking for.

I received a few more things, a blue ap bento bag, and a pair of sweetie chandelier otks in blue, but that was last week, but I thought I might as well mention them here.
Also, I've tried experimenting with my style the last few days. Yesterday I did a 50's influenced co-ord. due to lack of my camera I couldn't take a full body snap, but I took a picture of my styled wig.

What do you guys think? Can beehives work in Lolita, or should they stick being a staple in Hime gyaru etc.
Hopefully in a few days I'll find my camera and finally be able to post my love jojo review.
Till then I hope you're all having a wonderful start to your year!
Stay happy and beautiful princesses!

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

New year, Frozen and Life update!

New year, New blog (sort of).

Now that the new year is in full swing, I've really decided to have a massive clear out. I'm going to stick with the theme of white and pink elegant stuff this year for my room I promise! This includes me taking down all my old posters and giving them to friends and organising what I actually put on my wall. My cupcakes may go down, their tacky but they're also memories of running cake stalls with my friends (they may have to stay awhile longer..) ~♡

I've put up some pin boards and calendars so I have everything sorted and organised for the year!

Also I actually went to go see frozen, Finally! It was so beautiful and breath taking and gosh I loved all the characters! Elsa though is my personal favourite, She is very sweet, and acts mature be inside she just wants to be free and play.

I Plated my hair for the occasion, I also spiked up my fringe like Elsa but then its was a 100 on the scale of silly so I took it down (ノ*゜▽゜*)

I loved the movie to pieces, I've been singing all the songs (badly) for far too long so I'm happy that I've finally been able to Sit in the cinema to watch it, though I really did have to hold back singing a whole awful lot, and gave up every now and then (I'm sure no one noticed....).

I've also started to fall in love with Hime gyaru, which is very bad because its hard enough to fund my adoration of Lolita let alone another style. Though I guess I'll see throughout the year if I actually do anything about my new found love.

I'm thinking of changing my hair colour, I want something natural but I'm willing to even do a light-ish brown/blonde? Milktea is my favourite hair colour but I've only ever had dark brown and black so Right now I'm deciding. If any of you guys have any suggestions on colours or hair dye the please let me know below!
I also have some products to review and a wardrobe post on its way so I can compare my wardrobe from the start of 2014 till the end of it!
Right now though I'm having to battle teddies and odd shoes and broken hair dryers in my room. Hopefully both my room and me will under go a beautiful transformation this year, though its more likely to just be my room!

(looking perfectly harmless, two of many shoes waiting to be sorted)

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