Friday, 13 December 2013

The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day two

For Day 2 - 2 ways you discovered the fashion/interest you love! I'll be talking about my gradual journey into Lolita. There was so many roots to this path, but I'll try and summarise! :)
It started really when I became interested in manga, It got me interested in Japan as a whole which lead to me looking up their notoriously quirky fashions. I feel in love with Lolita but after awhile I lost interest in it. Then about this time last year I had become really interested in Tumblr. After I set up my account I began to see loads of pictures of these beautiful girls in frilly dresses. It rekindled my love or this endearing fashion.
I began to buy from bodyline in February of this year yet sadly none of my dresses arrived on time. Slowly and gradually I learned more and more about this amazing fashion, and although I still have alto to learn I still believe I've come along way. Mere months ago I never believed I'd own any brand dresses in my wardrobe and now I even have two of my dream dresses! Brand isn't what's important though but the fact I managed to fulfil tiny dreams of mine.

That's my story of Lolita, I hope you guys can continue to flourish in what you love and follow your dreams because anything is possible! (sorry for comparing dream dresses to life goals but aren't they dreamy?)
I just hope you will never give up, never get intimidated to do what you love and always strive for the very best!

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