Sunday, 15 December 2013

The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day Three

I accidently deleted day three this morning so I'll re-write it now (sorry)

♥Day 3 - 3 Bands you enjoy listening to, that make you feel cute!

I have various different types of music I listen to for the various types of cute I feel at times. As you know there's so many variations of cute, puppy cute, old people cute, flower cute etc. There's so many cutes out there that I need different styles depending on the cute I'm feeling.

If I'm in a more classic cute feel-like elegant doll cute, then I'll listen to piano pieces, classical music and old nursery rhymes. They give me a sophisticated cute feel.

If I'm in more of a more playful, happy cute I'll listen to cutesy anime openings, like chobits, ouran, fruits basket etc. Also Songs like Chelsea Girl, and bambino bambina by Yukari Tamura. Songs by Mindy Gledhill are also cutesy and very soothing, her upbeat ones make me super happy and cute, songs like pennies, I do adore and trouble no more. Also Kyarry Pamyu Pamyu is a must have for upbeat cute madness. Mika is also a great type of quirky cuteness. Al these make me feel cute <3

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