Tuesday, 17 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day six

♥Day 6 - 6 Pet Peeves about your interest (eg; price, how it frustrates you etc)

1- Hard to access new items

In the UK its fairly hard to buy new Brand items without paying an arm and leg for shipping and actually knowing and having the confidence to order from brand stores. Every time I attempt I get put off greatly. If there was a walk in store Then I'd be at ease but sadly that's a foolish dream. I'd like a proper set up shop in which Lolita could buy from, instead of shacks in Camden which is usually over priced and poor quality. If only there was a BTSSB or IW in London~ A girl can dream.


I find the communities extremely intimidating to this day, let alone when I started. I'm terrified to talk to others in case I've done something wrong. I think there is a lot of intimidation in Lolita. Pressures to be a perfect Lolita without asking for help, like its assumed you should understand everything as soon as you show an interest in it. There are groups out there to help but I still feel greatly intimidated.

3- High prices

Now I know The brands have to keep their prices high because of the few people the products are relevant to, the fact many buyers live internationally so shipping shall be a lot. But seriously no matter how beautiful a dress is, Spending £200 on a dress in insane in my eyes. I never used to buy things over £1.50 on average before I got into Lolita, and now I think £78 for a skirt is a bargain? that's a big difference to go through in a few months. And despite that's just my inner stinginess others must agree that on average £300 to £400 for a newly released dress is a little barmy- but then again a plain jacket from Christian Dior can cost around the same amount and have no excuse apart from tag, at least with brand Lolita clothes you do get good quality and mostly what you're paying for.

4- Peoples reactions

No matter how many times I'll set off in Lolita for the day filled with a 'don't care what others think' attitude, There's only so much a girl can take. There is so many times an old lady can cackle at you at say 'how ridiculous, if my grandchildren wore that...' Like, if your grand children wore that and was happy who are you to judge. people who take pictures and laugh, people who think they're better than others who don't look like others. You've only proved your small minded. If you gain some joy from making others feel bad about themselves then you should re-evaluate your life. I'm glad I have parents who followed Punk/Goth fashions who not only encourage but stick up for me in public.

5- 'Lolita' the book and misconceptions

'Lolita? You mean Paedophilia?' No, not really. no not at all. I dislike it when I actually get the chance to try and explain my fashion to people that they just assume from the name that I'm a sexual deviant. Sorry but although I can understand when you link the two-having the same name and all, but if you've bothered to ask and listen to the name then you can at least listen to my explanation how it is NOT Anything in a way of seducing older men. I don't know of any Lolita's who don't wear the fashion for themselves, Yes themselves. Funnily enough people can do things for themselves, not for a pleasing others. I have my body covered, only wrists and face showing, so telling me I'm slutty Isn't going to make me do anything but laugh

6- 'Nice cosplay'

Another one which I don't blame people for but its still a little annoying. I mean cosplay takes a lot of time and money to, But the major difference is that Lolita is a fashion and cosplay is just costumes. I know it is an eccentric fashion but The fact people can't tell the love and time people put into it is still hurtful though I know why they'd assume.

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