Wednesday, 18 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day seven

♥Day 7 - 7 Favourite shops you loooove to buy from related to your interest!~

I mostly buy from the Facebook sales so I'm sadly deprived of experience of other stores. I've brought from a few online stores I love but in person, so I'll not include them. Sorry that this isn't as long or detailed but I can't say a lot about these except they are beautiful and amazing places you should check out. Though for places like eBay I've found the odd piece or two going for cheap, for such broad examples I've given be sure and safe and aware who you're buying from.

Lolita sales U.K. (facebook)

Lolita sales EU (facebook)

storenvy- Spree picky

4. I-dollsuk

5. Ebay (but cautiously)

Shops I plan to buy because I ran out of stores I've actually purchased from


7. Qutieland

8. RococoDaze

9. Glitterbomb

10. Pinkicon

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