Friday, 13 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day one

Even though I am a day late I shall participating in theeeeee
☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪
I'm a day behind so just expect two uploads from me today!
Please feel free to participate in the 12 days of Cutemas as well, no matter how late you've found it

(For the ☆12DOC☆, all you have to do is blog the theme on each day!)

♥Day 1 - Introduction (self intro! Even if you've already done one.. do it again!)
♥Day 2 - 2 ways you discovered the fashion/interest you love!
♥Day 3 - 3 Bands you enjoy listening to, that make you feel cute!
♥Day 4 - 4 Models that inspire you to dress up! (this can include akiba idols~)
♥Day 5 - 5 of your favourite websites related to your cute interest!
♥Day 6 - 6 Pet Peeves about your interest (eg; price, how it frustrates you etc)
♥Day 7 - 7 Favourite shops you loooove to buy from related to your interest!~
♥Day 8 - 8 Favourite items that you currently own (or dream items if you don't have 8 items currently ><!)
♥Day 9 - 9 Favourite or inspiring blogs/YouTube channels!
♥Day 10 - 10 Christmas Gift ideas for someone who is into the same kind of stuff~
♥Day 11 - 11 Idols (can include celebrities, models, bloggers etc)
♥Day 12 - 12 Resolutions for next year!
Today is Day 1 - Introduction!

My name is Ophelia, I'm a sweet Lolita who lives in southern England. I have many hobbies including collecting vintage Polly Pockets, tidying, crafting and Lolita fashion.
I love candles, socks, pearly things and elephant seals. I love so many genres when it comes to music, books and movies and also many fashion, styles! Including Mori girl, cult party Kei, Shironuri, fairy Kei, and Ouija styles, though sweet and classic Lolita are my main passions!
I also love plushies, especially Hannari tofu which are my one true love! Just who can resist their tofu charms? Not me. ~u~

I hope you all have a merry Cutemas and a fluffy new year!!!♪


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