Sunday, 22 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Nine

♥Day 9 - 9 Favourite or inspiring blogs/YouTube channels!

1- Deerstalker pictures (check out their channel here)

Their videos are truly beautiful, and They have so many really smart and funny videos, I love their fashion videos, their songs, and of course senor arpakaso as well as many more of their videos.

2- LolitaFashionUK (check out their channel here)

Love being able to see the beautiful Lolita's and the Lolita events of the UK. The videos on this channel are beautiful and its great to see so many beautiful outfits as well as familiar faces.

3- Intrinsically Florrie-(check out her blog here)
I love her constant co-ord run downs, her fashion updates, fashion events etc. She takes amazing photographs and writes and shows in the best possible detail what she is on about. Her blog is beautiful, simple and simply well put together and is one of my favourite Lolita-related website. Her blog is an absolute favourite for me and is one every loli-or kawaii fashion enthusiast should check out
4-  ♥Cotton♥Candy♥Happy♥ (check out her blog here)This is a beautiful, cute blog for any kawaii fashion lover. Her amazing outfits and cute personality makes it hard not to adore this blog. The whole blog is a sugary heaven, with tiny sparkly bubbles floating around, the cutest layout and with an easily navigation on the page. Her reviews and hauls are definitely something to check out!
5- ⋆*Fetsu-Chan*⋆ (check out her blog here)Her blogs, tutorials and her YouTube are all very inspirational for whatever fashion you're interested in. She can pull off so many styles with such confidence and her blog is beautifully put together, and her reviews and hauls are extremely detailed and insightful. Both her blog and vlog are Personal favourites of mine.

6- CanuDoitCat (check out her channel

I'm in love with this channel, over time this channel has blossomed into something beautiful. It shows a nice side of Lolita you don't usually see, especially being able to see someone travel around, experience loads of things that is out of reach and Cat makes you fee like you're included on the whole journey. 

7-lovely Lor (you can check out her channel here)

This channel is one for everyone, seriously, its funny even if you don't understand Lolita terminology, I love the fact she can laugh about the silly troubles Lolita's get and its just great to see a whole series of fun and laughter that you can joke around watching even with non-Lolita enthusiasts.

8- Princess Peachie (check out her channel here)

Princess peachie was a major influence in my Lolita journey so she would have to be on here. her videos re-kindled my love for Lolita. She's so doll like and sweet and she really helps wih her tutorials and her explanation videos that it really helped me understand Lolita. Beautiful videos and always a bit of a laugh to.

9- Beckie0 (check out her channel here)

She may not be Lolita related but she's still my inspiration, And one of my favourite vloggers. She has been through a lot yet still stands strong. She is such an inspiration and I've fallen madly in love with her videos, her quirkiness, and yet Beckie herself.

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