Monday, 16 December 2013

The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day Four

♥Day 4 - 4 Models that inspire you to dress up! (this can include akiba idols~)

With this I feel like I can say so many but I can't seem to pick a single name out of my head-this make take awhile...

One-Misako Aoki

Though it may seem cheesy to some people I really love Misako and style. She looks so elegant but not over the top sweet, pearls, lace, elegant doll like make up. And the way that even though others would rather stop Lolita past 30, not only does she continue but she rocks it. She's really feminine and her style of Lolita Is a big inspiration to mine, and without her I may have gone down a different path without Lolita.

Two- Akira

she is so beautiful and I adore the fact one moment she can look like a sophisticated gentleman, to a elegant young maiden. As soon as I saw her I was amazed at how perfect she looked in both feminine clothes and masculine! She makes me feel like whatever gender the clothes are usually assigned to doesn't matter, as long s you're happy in it and enjoy yourself what does it matter, just be who you are.

Three- Midori

Midori to be in the living porcelain doll. I couldn't believe that she looks so adorable in both kodona and Lolita. She's like Akira in a way to me in the sense I feel very confident in wearing whatever, no matter what gender the clothes is assigned to seeing how perfect the both look in very contrasting fashions. Midori Is a big inspiration for me, her more classic and boy styles have greatly impacted me into adoring the classic side of Lolita.

Four- Dita Von Teese

I don't think she particularly inspires my fashion, but I love her attitude, which inspires me. She's no ashamed of her body and does what she loves, submerses herself in her own ideal life style and I Respect that highly.

Midori in boystyle~

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