Monday, 16 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Five

♥Day 5 - 5 of your favourite websites related to your cute interest!

I have sooo many, goshhh This is too hard @u@

1- Tumblr

I get to see people coordinates from all across the world, peoples cute rooms, plushies, food, the whole website is a massive inspiration to me for outfits, crafts etc. Tumblr is One of the main reasons I am a Lolita today, and it still holds a great importance to me.

2- Facebook

My Facebook is where I mostly go to for things relating Lolita, a lot of people on it is a Lolita, or is at least most of them are j-fashion enthusiasts. I see updates from others about latest releases, re-releases, collabs everything a person needs, the Facebook sales are there too, I Use Facebook to keep notified on my comm also.

(I adore blogs, so the rest will be made up of some of my favourite blogs.)

3- Intrinsically Florrie-(check out her blog

I love her constant co-ord run downs, her fashion updates, fashion events etc. She takes amazing photographs and writes and shows in the best possible detail what she is on about. Her blog is beautiful, simple and simply well put together and is one of my favourite Lolita-related website. Her blog is an absolute favourite for me and is one every loli-or kawaii fashion enthusiast should check out

4-  ♥Cotton♥Candy♥Happy♥ (check out her blog
This is a beautiful, cute blog for any kawaii fashion lover. Her amazing outfits and cute personality makes it hard not to adore this blog. The whole blog is a sugary heaven, with tiny sparkly bubbles floating around, the cutest layout and with an easily navigation on the page. Her reviews and hauls are definitely something to check out!

5- ⋆*Fetsu-Chan*⋆ (check out her blog
Her blogs, tutorials and her YouTube are all very inspirational for whatever fashion you're interested in. She can pull off so many styles with such confidence and her blog is beautifully put together, and her reviews and hauls are extremely detailed and insightful. Both her blog and vlog are Personal favourites of mine.

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